Tuesday, January 16

I Am a Space Cadet...

Confession? I totally spaced blogging here today. I dunno why I'm so dippy right now--cold weather freezing my brain? Overwhelmed with work, writing, and family responsibilities? Who knows? All I know for sure is that I spent last night sipping tea and watching Netflix and knitting, which was a lovely, lovely break, but it didn't get my article written, now did it? But instead of beating myself up for four paragraphs, I think I'll just send you some fun places. Does that work for you?

The first one is my own website, where all the month of January I'm celebrating Indiana Romance Authors. Today's author is Donya Lynne. Run over and meet her real quick. I'll wait for you.

Ah you're back! Donya's a sweetie pie, isn't she? Next check out Lani Diane Rich's Chipperish website and podcasts--she's a story expert and you can spend hours listening to her talk storytelling, pop culture, and a mad variety of other topics. Be sure to check Big Strong Yes--you'll be hooked immediately.

Do you miss the old sweet romances you used to read as a tween and teen? Sometimes I just want some Tobey Heydon or Beany Malone. Remember Sue Barton, Visiting Nurse?  You can have them back again at Image Cascade Publishing. Buzz by and check out their catalogue--it's a trip down memory lane!

Every couple of years, I go back to Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance Day Book of Comfort and Joy. It is daily meditations that give you space to breathe. Take a look and if you haven't ever read them, do it. It only takes a few minutes each day.

Here is one my favorite places to get greeting cards--Emily McDowell is a creative genius and her cards frequently say exactly what we want to say. You'll get a kick out of just perusing her site.

Finally, head over to our own Liz Flaherty's website, Window Over the Sink. She's been sharing some of her original blogs with us and man, they are wonderful! Pure Liz, and they always remind me of how very glad I am that we're friends. Enjoy!!


  1. Busy gal! Glad you got to enjoy some knitting!

  2. Cool links. Thanks for the shout-out!

  3. busy, busy! Thanks for the links - I have reading ahead of me!

  4. For a Space Cadet, you put together an awesome post. Thanks!