Thursday, January 4

Not a Word...

by Margie Senechal

My daughter thinks I'm cheating this year because I'm choosing a phrase and not just a single word. You can let me know in the comments after I finish pleading my case.

Image result for wishingFor the past few months I've been in a state of stagnation. I'm not moving forward figuratively or literally. 

While I enjoy my day/night job--especially the people I work with--it's just a job. While I'm at work, I tend to give it my all, but it's not where I want to be ten years from now. At least not in the same position that I have now. However, I will consider any and all offers of promotions. 

There have always been three constants in the visions of my future--wife, mother, writer.  While I have done all three, I'm thinking I should've inserted "published" in front of writer. 
It's always been assumed in my head that's what I wanted, but somehow the wishing fairy can't seem to read my mind and make it happen.

 There are a myriad of reasons why this hasn't happened--most to do with my own perseverance,dedication, and follow-thru. I am a world-class procrastinator and reactor. I need to be proactive in both my personal life and professional writing life.

Image result for working girl you make it happenAnd this is where my phrase comes into play.

In the words of Working Girl's Tess McGill, "YOU make it happen."

I have to make it happen.
I have to finish a saleable manuscript.
I have to organize my life and MAKE time for writing.
I have to declutter my living space and head space.

I have to make it happen because nobody cares as much about as I do. And if I don't work toward, who else will? And how will the wishing fairy know which wish to grant?

Welcome 2018--the year I make some headway and hopefully make it happen.


  1. Good for you, Margie--you can do this and you are a good writer. Go for it and make it happen.

  2. You got this, Margie! Let us know how we can help!

  3. I like this. Like Kristi says, you got this! BTW, I have six words this year--not even a phrase, so we're all playing games with it, aren't we?

    1. I can’t wait to hear yours! And thanks for the confidence :)

  4. I think your phrase is perfect, Margie!

    1. Thanks, Ava. I think it may become a mantra to keep me focused on the end game.

  5. I love your phrase and your attitude, Margie. You go, girl!