Saturday, February 3

Audiobook Excitement by @JanaRichards_

One of my favorite ways to experience a book is through audiobooks. I love that I can be doing other things like working out at the gym, driving, or cleaning house, while “reading” a book. It makes it a little easier to get my reading in. I also love the theatrical nature of audiobooks; it feels like I’m “watching” a live play.

That’s why I’m so excited that another one of my books is going to be made into an audiobook! CHILL OUT is a Valentine’s story that was published just before Valentine’s Day in 2016. Each book in the Candy Hearts series takes its title from a saying on a Conversation Hearts Candy, you know, the pastel colored candies with messages like “Be Mine” or “I Love You” on them. “Chill Out” happens to be one of those messages. Here’s the blurb for CHILL OUT:

Renata Cabral needs to hide for the weekend. Her cousin’s Valentine’s Day wedding means she’ll face embarrassing questions from her large, extended family. Questions like “Why aren’t you married yet?”  Since the breakup of her last relationship, she’s not ready to answer that question. She invents a work-related excuse and escapes to a friend’s lakeside cottage.
Noah Brownlee has been hiding for two years. But now he’s ready to come home and mend his broken relationship with his brother. When a friend offers the use of his lakeside cottage, Noah arrives in the middle of a blizzard with his English Mastiff, only to find the place is already occupied. With her big brown eyes and quirky sense of humor, Renata stirs feelings he thought long dead. 
As the blizzard rages, the candy hearts predict love. Can Valentine’s Day work its magic between them?

The audiobook won’t be ready for this Valentine’s Day, but I’ll keep you up to date on new developments.

Until then, you can get CHILL OUT, and all the other Candy Hearts romances from The Wild Rose Press, as an ebook and it’s on sale for 40% off between February 10-15.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. The Wild Rose Press has put together the Candy Heart Romances in boxed sets. CHILL OUT is part of the “Be My Hero” boxed set with 6 other novella-length stories for only $5.99. There are five other boxed sets of Candy Hearts stories, and I can tell you they’re all a lot a fun. Very exciting!
I’m very excited for Valentine’s Day this year. And I’m also excited about what happens next. Two narrators have auditioned for a couple of my other books, and I’m waiting to see if those go ahead. Can’t wait!

What is your favorite way of reading a book – print, ebook or audio? Or are you like me and enjoy all three, depending on the situation?


  1. It depends on where I am! If it's a favorite author, I want the print book because I keep them...if I'm on vacation, I'll load up my ereader...and on a roadtrip, I'll take along an audiobook - if I'm going to be alone in the car.

    1. That's exactly what I do, Kristina. I think each has it's time and place, depending on what you're doing.

  2. One of the few things I miss about a fulltime day job is listening to audio books. The car is the only place I can stay involved with them. Looks like an exciting February for you, Jana!

    1. I am ridiculously excited about having this book made into an audiobook. Since I wrote this, I've heard that two of my other novellas are also going to be made into audiobooks. They are in production now.Yay!