Monday, February 5

Change Is In The Wind: WordWranglers New Schedule

Are you swinging by looking for Liz's regular Monday post? Don't worry, Liz hasn't forgotten you...neither have Nan, Kristina, Margie, Ava, or Jana...the thing is, change is blowing our way!

The WordWranglers blog was begun as a writing journey blog, with 5 or 6 unpublished (or recently published) authors telling you about our journeys. Over the course of time, many of us have become published authors, some of us left to do other things, new authors joined us.

Well, it's time for another change.

The internet and blogging and publishing have changed - a lot - over the past few years. We WordWranglers have gone from mostly talking about our unpublished-writer-journey to becoming published authors to talking more about our lives, and sometimes struggling to figure out what to talk about at all. Part of that struggle has to do with deadlines in our publishing lives, and part of it has to do with the frequency with which we have always posted to the blog. Over the holiday break we started talking about what we wanted the blog to become in the new year, and wondering how we could make that happen and still keep up our publication schedules or take on new publishing/authoring opportunities. Which is where the change comes in.

We want to keep the blog fresh and exciting and give you readers a reason to come back...but you're busy, too, and we don't want you to stress about missing out on something important. To that end, we're going to a weekly posting schedule, starting February 7 - yep, two days away. Each Wednesday one of us will drop in, start a new topic (i.e. blog about something of interest to us - and hopefully you), and be around to chat in the comments section. Periodically, we'll also put up additional posts from ourselves or guest authors about new releases or timely subjects or, heck, whatever theme or
topic floats into our minds and won't let us go.

The new schedule will look like this:
Feb. 7 ~ Liz; Feb. 14 ~ Nan; Feb. 21 ~ Kristina; Feb. 28 ~ Margie
March 7 ~ Ava; March 14 ~ Jana. Then we start the cycle over again: Liz, Nan, Kristina, Margie, Ava, Jana, and so on.

We are so grateful to all of you readers for hanging out with us over the past years, and we hope you'll stick with us as we change the way we approach the blog, offer our thoughts and advice, and even ask for your help from time to time.

Here's a toast to you, for joining with us as we change!

Liz, Nan, Kristina, Margie, Ava, Jana ~ The WordWranglers


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