Monday, February 19

Every day an adventure... @Liz Flaherty

Shhh...I know this isn't my day anymore, but I wanted to share this anyway. I know every day isn't really an adventure, unless you're planning on eating my cooking, but it's so much fun when something new comes along.

I've written "Window Over the Sink" off and on for 30 years for different newspapers. Nowadays, I print the old ones (mostly) on my blog. Some Word Wranglers posts make it there, too, if I'm being particularly thoughty or...ahem...annoying.

So the Window's open in a new place these days. You can find it every Saturday at Peru Indiana Todaythe online venue for local news. I am excited and happy to be "out there" again. It is indeed an adventure.

Have a great week!


  1. YAY!! I'm a huge WOTS fan, so a new venue makes me very happy. Have already followed the Peru Indiana Today FB page, so I'm ready! ;-)

    1. Thanks, Nan. I'm looking forward to "the new gig."