Wednesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, kids, it’s Valentine’s Day. I have to confess, for a long time, I wasn’t a believer. I used to think it was a stupid day invented by card and candy companies to sell a bunch of products. We didn’t need a holiday to celebrate the fact that we were in love. We didn’t need to buy one another mushy cards or candy or flowers. It was just not necessary to line the pockets of big companies. Husband and I love one another every day and we pretty much say so every day. We exchange lots of kisses and hugs throughout the day—more since he’s been retired and is around a lot more. 

So why is it important for us, after 45 years of marriage to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Because Valentine’s Day is about love and what’s more important than that? So we're going to the symphony to hear a special Valentine's Day concert of love songs. Pretty perfect. 

But we don’t just do something for us on February 14, we make sure to let the people in our lives know how special they are to us. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. So today, there's a sweet little card for Grandboy—this year it had an otter on it. And calls or texts to Son and DIL with a “Happy Valentine’s Day—we love you” message and a frilly card for Husband’s mom who’s celebrating her 92nd Valentine’s Day this year. I'll do a quick check-in with Sister PJ just to say, “I’m glad you’re my sister and I love you.” And I'll remember to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day, bestie” when Liz and I gChat this morning. 

It’s all about showing some love, so here’s a list of a dozen or so random people that I’m wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day to...with love:

My lake buddies—wow, do I miss you guys and I can’t wait for spring!
Husband’s brother and his wife, my brother, and all my nieces, nephews and cuzzies
My pals CL and Di and Mary--friendships I count on even when we don't see each other every week
My pastor, who always shows me so much love and concern
All the people I know who are struggling with cancer
The high school classmate who just lost her husband—my heart aches for her.
My church family
My hairdresser—she gets good hair love because I love my hair
My editors at Tule Publishing
My freelancer colleagues—it’s a great community
My writerly crew—can’t imagine my life without you
My swimming instructor—you show up and you make me work. Thank you.
All the docs and NPs in my life who help keep me strong and healthy
 I could easily add a bunch more to this list, but instead, I'm inviting you to join me--in the comments, tell me five random people you'd like to send a little extra love to today. Come on...let's show some Valentine love. Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I actually got some cards sent out this year! Happy Valentine's Day to all the Wranglers and to the people who come by and share their days. We're so glad you're here.

  2. What a sweet post, Nan! Happy Valentine's day to my fellow Word Wranglers, to my colleagues at the day job, to all my cousins, to my two beautiful daughters, and of course to my sweet husband. Love you all!

    1. Great list, Jana! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day (a little late, but I'm here!)

    1. Never to late to spread a little love, Kristi! Thanks for coming by!