Thursday, February 1

Write and repeat..

Image result for white page writerby Margie Senechal

The dreaded white page. That's what is facing me this morning as I write this because I have no idea what to write. It's especially hard because last week I did a hodge-podge post and it seems redundant to write two in as many weeks. That said, I might not have a choice...

My aunt/cousin started her own blog this last week where she's sharing her mid-life journey to become a yoga instructor.

How is she my aunt/cousin? Ahhh, family.

My mom was raised by her mother and stepfather. Her biological father, Don, married Helen and they lived in California and had one daughter, Susie.

After my mom graduated high school, Don invited her to visit him. So, Mom went.

Helen's brother Jim, a Navy cook, was stationed in San Diego and drove North while my mom was visiting. He took one look and was smitten. They were married on their eighth date and would've have celebrated their 48th anniversary a couple of weeks after my dad died.

So, Sue Ferrera is my aunt via my mom, and my cousin via my dad.  

Image result for yoginiAnother weird family thing--I have a daughter named Jordan, Sue has a son named Jordan, and our cousin on my dad's side has a daughter named Jordyn. Centuries from now, someone will be searching our family history and wonder where all the Jordans came from. Ironically, not from anyone special. My daughter was named after Elizabeth Shue's character in Cocktail, because that was where we heard Jordan for a girl for the first time. I'm sure Sue and our cousin, Ralph, have their own stories.

Anyway, drop by and check out Sue's blog---she's a great, coversational writer...must be a family trait ;) And boy, does she love her labels. 

And sometimes, all you have to do is put some words on paper, and the story grows...

Happy Thursday!


  1. Always fun to read your thoughts, Margie!

  2. My hubby parents were also siblings. By marriage. So, I certainly appreciate a fun family connection story! :-)

    1. Lol. When my mom told us the story, she said not to tell anyone she’d married her uncle. Of course, I did, but always way more dramatic.

  3. Keep facing that blank page, Margie. Soon it won't be blank anymore! You can do it!

  4. good luck with your blank page...and remember, a blank page means anything can happen!