Thursday, April 12

How Wednesday became Thursday

by Margie Senechal

Or is it Thursday became Wednesday? Or how Wednesday bled into Thursday?

SO, yesterday as I was driving Jordie to the Humane Society where she volunteers as a dog walker, I was thinking about what I should blog about. I got to a red light with about a mile to go when it dawned on me that it was Wednesday. Whaaat?

Let's pretend today is Wednesday and I'm not a day late and always a dollar short.

I thought I'd do a quarter year check-in. 

Image result for Next year in havanaAt the beginning of the year, I chose a phrase to inspire me through the year--something to live up to. Make it happen.

Look to your left, below, or above--depending on your viewing venue--at the notebook I found at Burlington. Like it was meant to be.

Make it happen has become a silent mantra to me, reminding me that my future is my own making. I have to make changes to see results. Like focusing on one project instead of five.

Image result for slightly south of simple bookAt the beginning of the year, I didn't set a writing goal. I should have. SO, I'm going to make one right now, to all six or seven of my readers. I am going to FINISH the first draft of Suitcases by July 20th.
Image result for the secret of southern charm 
Why July 20th? Because that's when I'm heading to Longbeach for a weekend with my mom, sisters, and bff's Chris and Judy. Chris and I have been best friends since second grade when we met in Iceland. Our friendship has held up over many miles between us and now many years. Ironically, we both ended up in the PNW decades into our friendship. She and her mom, Judy, live on Oregon's southern coast.

Image result for the book of speculationChris is also a writer and she has read the first quarter of Suitcases and keeps bugging me to send more to her. So, my goal is to have a printed copy for her to critique when we meet up this summer.

Image result for the tasterOkay, my second check-in is my reading goal. I committed via Goodreads, to read 50 books this year. I'm off to a good start as I finished my 20th last night. Heck, if I keep up this rate I could double my goal. Thanks to Once Upon a Book Club, I've rediscovered the joy in reading a printed book as opposed to a Kindle book. I really enjoy looking at the pages on both sides of a bookmark to monitor my progress.

All these book pictures are my recommendations from the twenty books I've read. I've liked or loved all the books I've read, but these have been my favorites so far. 

Have a great Wednesday disguised as a Thursday!


  1. good luck with your goal, Margie! and, as always, I'm behind on my reading goal - spring break was supposed to be a reading fest and instead it was a busy fest. But I'm making a little project on my reading that's good, right?

    1. I just read somewhere that even a small step in the direction of our goals is still a step. I think I need to post that somewhere :)

  2. Margie, I'm a day late and a dollar short in reading and responding to your post, so I guess we're even. I didn't set a reading goal specifically for this year, but I hope to exceed last year's count of 30, or at least meet it. So far I'm way behind.

    Setting a goal with a hard deadline helps to set a fire under my butt, so I'm sure it'll do the same for you. I've said several times (a.k.a. nagged) that Suitcases deserves to be finished. You can do it!

    Now I want to know how and why you and your friend were in Iceland of all places!

    1. Your nagging is much appreciated! As for Iceland, my dad—a Navy cook—was stationed there for two and half years. Chris’s dad was also.

  3. Good luck with your goals. I know they're good for us, but I will admit that sometimes I'm exhausted by them!

    1. I’ll get back to you in July and let you know about the exhaustion :D

  4. YaY! So excited for our trip and now I have something else to look forward to. Can't wait. And, my book should be out by then so I've been trying to find a book store in the area that I could possibly set up a book signing in and pay for our trip.

    1. There’s a cool little bookstore in Ilwaco, WA—where we’re going to the farmers market. Try there!