Wednesday, April 18

Old Dogs and Lake Houses

By Ava Cuvay

Happy Wednesday! It’s cold and icky still in my neck of the woods, but I have seen glimpses of warmer weather (when I was in Florida for Spring Break, but at least I can attest to the fact that warmer weather does exist. For a long while, I wasn’t so sure).

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I am thrilled to announce that my children’s book is published! I was invited to read it to a group of Kindergarteners, which was a fun experience. The questions they ask are a far cry from what I expected. And they were all very concerned about the hermit crab (note: he is NOT the main character!). Now, I have to figure out how to balance two pen names and two entirely different writing careers… because I complain so much about having too much time and nothing to do, right? ;-)

But what I’d really like to talk about today is a book I’ve mentioned before: The Crossroads Writers “The Lake House” Anthology. The weather outside might be crummy, but the stores are stocking summer stuff and that means beach and mermaid goodies. Which reminded me of this multi-author multi-genre anthology.

I love this book, and the concept behind it. And not just because my mermaid story is in it. Let me enumerate my reasons:
Print and Kindle Available

1-      It’s multi-genre. Most anthologies stick to one genre, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But this anthology has contemporary, suspense, paranormal, etc. It’s a smorgasbord of genres. You can try a genre that you’ve never read before without having to commit to a whole book in that genre. Or, if you’re like me and read across multiple genres, this keeps you from getting bored (“Oh wow another mermaid story… how original…”).

2-      It’s multi-author. Again, it’s a smorgasbord (and if I wasn’t already hungry, I am now). You can try out a new author and see if you like her writing style without having to commit an entire book. Let’s be honest, when we order a meal off the menu at a new restaurant, we’re conservative in our choices. We play it “safe” and order the hamburger, because who can screw that up too much (They can; don’t ask)? But at a buffet, we can let our wild side out and try that new thing we’ve never heard of which might be awful but might also be our new favorite food! But I warn you… You’ll find several new authors to love!

3-      It has varying heat levels. I understand that not everyone wants to read really graphic sex, and this book has a little of everything. Actually, I think it tends toward the not-so-graphic side of smexy… but the book also has a lovely cover that screams “nice and wholesome” romance (so you are free to read those graphic sexy parts without worrying that anyone will judge!).   

4-      Most importantly, it has a short story titled “Bacon Can Wait.” While I would make the case that making bacon wait is a sin, the story is wonderfully written with heat and humor by my pal Anya Breton. If you want to know the truth, hers is my favorite story in the anthology (ok, mine is a close second), even though I really enjoy all the others. I guess the sheer crime of the title snagged me and the rest held me.
But don’t just read Anya’s story. Read her story and my story. Then go whole hog and read the rest. Be a glutton. Fill that plate with the entire anthology. Savor it. Go back for seconds. Drag your friends to the trough and tell them “You have GOT to try this! It’s delicious!”
While you do that, I’m going to go snag a few pieces of bacon. Because…. It’s bacon and I can’t wait.



  1. I love that title, although I think the idea of bacon waiting crosses a line into...well, something. A nice cover, too. I am really excited about your children's book, too--you have so much to offer in ALL your authorial incarnations! :-)

  2. I think the idea (and cover) for your children's book is too cute! And I love the premise of the Crossroads anthology...adding to my reading list.

  3. Loved, loved your children's book--it's on my kindle and Grandboy and I are going to read it this weekend. It's darling! And I've got The Lake House, but I haven't started reading yet--thanks for the review. You're rockin' it, Ava!

    1. I sure hope he likes it! I can't wait to hear his thoughts... he's always so original and adorable!!

  4. You had me at bacon! I'm adding The Lake House to my TBR pile.

    Your children's book looks adorable and I love your pen name. Best of luck with it!