Wednesday, May 30

A Small Summer To-Do List

By Ava Cuvay

So school is out for Summer in my neck of the woods. And as I’m a substitute teacher, I’m out of
work (in a manner of speaking) for the next couple months. This time last year, I was unemployed and taking advantage of the time to play, lunch with friends, and (most importantly) write.

Welllll….. the playing and lunching with friends definitely happened in mass quantities, but not so much with the writing. Water under the bridge, but I’m hoping to be more realistic with my plans for this summer. Let me know what you think of the list so far:

-          Fourth round of edits on WIP (and cut about 8,000 words from it). Then on to critique partners, beta readers, and final editor in time to publish for Penned Con Author event in September. Easy Peasy.

-          Sew new curtains for the front bay window. I have a sewing machine somewhere in the basement, so that should help. Pfffsh…. No brainer.

-          Reorganize all the digital pictures and date them. I have two kiddos, so that’s only… like a few thousand pics.

-          Deep clean the entire house. One room already down… I’ll get to the rest maybe next week.

-          Exercise Daily. Starting next week because this one is already busy.

-          Illustrate second children’s book. Because drawing is easy, right?

-          Family trip to Disney. Hubby’s doing all the planning work, so I just have to show up and hope I packed clean underwear.

-          Oh, and keep kids off the streets and out of the bars. And not bored.

Like I said above: easy-peasy. I might even have time to keep up with the dishes. Don’t you agree? I'd write more, but I gotta go do lunch with some friends... ;-)