Tuesday, June 5

#GuestAuthor Heather Thurmeier: Writing Needs that Make the Magic Happen

The WordWranglers welcome guest author, Heather Thurmeier, author of The Wedding Host! Heather's going to talk with us about what she needs before she can start writing. Take it away, Heather! 

First of all, thank you so much for having me here today! I’m excited to be here, chatting about my writing life. There are a few things that I need when I get down to the business of writing, aside from inspiration, perseverance, and time.

1.     I need quiet to write. I know a lot of authors talk about their playlists or what show they are binge watching while writing, but that is so not my style! I need quiet so I can hear my characters talking to me and focus on their words, not the words of an actor or singer. But I’d say this rings true to most areas of my life, not just writing! The only place I listen to music is in the car. However, if I’m doing tasks around the house like cooking or cleaning, I love to listen to audio books or have a show on TV running in the background so a little noise.
2.     I need a view. For the most part, this is the forest in my backyard. I have a lovely view of it from my spot on the couch or on the back deck. Once in a while I actually write in my office and then my view is a street, my neighbor’s house and the hill beyond that. It’s pretty, but not nearly as nice as my forest.
3.     I need drinks! And no, I’m talking about the fun adult variety. Lol. I love a good cup of hot English Breakfast tea with some sugar. And I always have a reusable water bottle by my side. I seriously have a water bottle addiction! I’m not kidding. I have a water bottle with me everywhere I go, including to bed, to write, and if I’m leaving the house for any reason, one gets plopped into my bag.
4.     I need my laptop. I’ve tried writing on a desktop computer, in a notebook, or with a portable keyboard and my iPad, but those are only ever ok for short moments of writing when I’m trying to fit it into a busy schedule. If I’m doing any amount of solid writing time, I need my laptop. Luckily, it’s pretty small and very light. And since I always carry a huge tote as a handbag, there’s always room to slip my laptop in beside my water bottle. Have I mentioned all of my water bottles must be reusable and leak proof? Now you know why!
5.     I need exercise breaks. This is a new one for me. It took me a while to realize how sedentary a writer’s life really is. So often I get lost in my words and forget to move around enough during the day. Then I’d wonder why my back and neck hurt, why I have headaches, and generally just don’t feel good. So, I’ve started making sure that I move more each day. I still do long stints of writing, but I try to take more walks around the house when I need a break. I’ll do a little laundry or cleaning to help move around a bit too. After my writing day ends, I make a solid effort to take the dog for walks, go to the gym to do the elliptical and lift weights, and most nights I do gentle yoga to stretch out and relax.

I’d love to hear what your writing must haves are for making the magic happen in the comments! And while we’re talking about making magic happen, what’s more magical than a wedding? Wedding season is upon us and The Wedding Hoax is on sale for a very limited time. Grab your copy today for only $0.99!

Wedding dress designer Daisy Willows always imagined marrying the man of her dreams. The fantasy did not include a fake engagement or a fake wedding. Or that her ex, Cole Benton, would be the groom. But as her mom's medical bills pile up, Daisy can't refuse the help of a well-known bridal show expo owner...or his plan for the fake wedding of the century.

Cole Benton's bridal magazine is on the verge of capsizing, taking Cole's dream of an outdoor lifestyle magazine with it. So Cole agrees to the publicity stunt and becomes "engaged" to Daisy. But despite their searing-hot chemistry—both in public and in private—not everyone is buying the charade. And now the only way to save their skins and prove that their big white wedding isn't a big white lie is to say "I do..."
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  1. I need that quiet and that view, too! I have however become once more accustomed to using a desktop computer and feel cramped on my laptop. So glad you could join us!

    1. Quiet and a view is everything. If only mine could be on a beach somewhere, I'd be in heaven... Thank you for having me!

  2. I need quiet, too. I honestly don't know how other writers write while listening to music. I can't do it. A view would be a nice-to-have, but it's not a must-have. And I love my laptop,too. I used to use my desktop computer all the time and the laptop only when I traveled. Then the desktop had a breakdown (always a good idea to have a backup computer) and I started using my laptop all the time. Now I'm hooked. Thanks for being our guest, Heather. I love the sound of your book!