Wednesday, June 6

Half Year Check In @JanaRichards_

So back in January, I had some pretty big plans for 2018. I’d chosen “determination” as my word of the year, and I was determined to get a lot done, in a lot of areas of my life.

On the writing front, I planned to self-publish my three-book series, submit another completed book and proposed series to a publisher, start a new project, and perhaps continue with a series I began a while ago and got stuck on. I’m not doing too badly. I released my self-published series, Love at Solace Lake, in March. Yay! And I did make a submission to a publisher (note to self: they’ve had that submission for a while. Maybe it’s time to check in with them.) I have started a new project, though the writing’s been going pretty slowly. I haven’t had a chance to get back to that series that’s been stuck in a rut, however. Someday, I’m going to have to make that series a priority.

Love at Solace Lake
Something I didn’t count on was the time and effort it was going to take to launch a self-published series. I’ve been participating in giveaways and events. I’ve been having sales. I’ve been begging for reviews everywhere. It all takes time and a lot of mental energy and didn’t leave me with a lot of gas in the tank for new writing. But lately the words have begun to flow a little easier, which makes me happy.

Something else I didn’t count on in January was that three of my novellas with The Wild Rose Press would be made into audiobooks and all be released around the same time as my series. A good problem to have but promoting and requesting reviews for six books is exhausting!

Burning Love at Audible
Chill Out at Audible
Flawless at Audible

While I’m almost on track with my writing, my personal goals are not looking so good. I wanted to get to the gym more often. Well…I’m no better at getting to the gym than I was in 2017. Or 2016. And as for taking off a few pounds… (hangs head in shame). I made a vow in January, promising myself that I would give away clothes I’ve been hanging on to if they don’t fit me by January 1, 2019. At this rate, I’m going to have a very empty closet next year. It's not that they're such great clothes; it's the idea of giving up and admitting defeat.

In my head I know that exercising and keeping my weight down would mean I’d have more energy to do all the many things I’d like to do, like write more books. But somehow, I can’t put what my head knows is the right thing to do (step away from the carbs!) into practice. I really don’t want to have to throw out all those clothes!

One last check-in: I’m way behind in my reading. Half-way through the year and I’ve only read a measly 18 books. Maybe if I’d gone to the gym more often I would have listened to a lot more audiobooks!

But all is not lost. My 2018 word is determination, after all. I can still turn it around. So, my fellow Word Wranglers and readers, what do you do to defeat a bad habit (eating too many carbs) and replace it with a good habit (going to the gym more often)? Any suggestions gratefully accepted!


  1. I am learning--I think--that one thing at a time is my friend. Right now, I'm trying to get back into walking most days. My energy level is low and I'm slow, but a half hour of movement is just that: a half hour of movement. And good for me. Publishing has become so overwhelming I don't know how anyone is doing it, so good for you! And congratulations on the audio-books!

  2. I think you may be right be right about doing one thing at a time. Maybe that's the mistake I made. I tried to change everything at once, and that's a big job and probably unrealistic. Maybe I should start walking again. I used to walk lot with the dog, but she's old now and can't go far anymore. Since I'm not getting to the gym as much as I should, maybe I should put my walking shoes on again.

    Yes, publishing is overwhelming. I do the best I can, but I definitely don't try to do everything.

  3. Update: Since I wrote this, I've gone on a reading tear and have increased my books read to 22. Some are novellas and not that long, but hey, it's my list and I'm counting them!

  4. WOW on your reading list! WOW on the audiobooks! WOW on the self-published series! YOU CAN DO IT for everything else! (Unfortunately I have no answers for your questions ;-(

    1. Ava, you are too kind! Are you don't have any answers for me? Darn. I want someone to tell me the secret of losing weight. Someone? Anyone?

  5. When I was reading this, I was reminded of Weight Watchers leader who shared that she had a closet that consisted of, “Twelves, tens, and in your dreams...” Lol

    I think you’ve had a very focused and productive six months especially with your writing. I’m impressed and in awe. I think taking your excercise goals in slow and steady steps might be the answer. Good luck!

  6. Most of my closet has fallen into the "In my dreams" category! Thanks for the encouragement and the kind words, Margie. I never feel I do enough, especially when it comes to exercise. I just visited my cousin, who's the same age as me. She's recently taken up running and climbing hills and is in amazing shape. I felt like a couch potato next to her!