Monday, July 16

It’s Never Too Late

The Wranglers welcome Laurel Sparks-Sellers today. 

At this juncture of my life I have acquired a major checklist.

Workforce career completed…CHECK. Marriage for third time, and right time…CHECK. Healing from family lost: both loving parents, and now a sister/best friend…CHECK.  Learn to live without children or grandchildren…CHECK.

OK, I could add to this list, but I’m digressing away from this writing article.

Because my history started long ago, most of it included snippets of creations. I composed poems, short stories, and song lyrics in my younger years, and advanced to novels as an older seasoned woman. But as we all know, life can get in the way. And, it sure did. Sigh….

However, I took the reins and made the ultimate decision to make writing a full-time job, having
retired from those previous jobs. It had been my dream forever. Did I reinvent myself? I don’t think so, as writing had always been factored in my life.

These days, I’m privileged (and blessed) to have the chance, and time, to follow the path/passion I’ve always longed for. My projects fulfill me like no other urge. It doesn’t hurt that I also have the financial means and supportive resources at my disposal. Yay for me!

Now, granted, all the social media, technology, and resources and advice have been quite the challenge in this endeavor, but confront it I will. Sometimes, there are not enough hours in the day to tackle it all.

But my mantra remains: You’re never too old, or young, to learn new things. I’m still formulating my own future (4th career?)  so that I can add to that checklist mentioned above. 

I’m not sittin’ on top of the world, just rollin’ along. At this point, I don’t need anyone’s approval, but praise would indeed be nice, and welcomed.

But back to that list…

Daily self-care…CHECK! I maintain a healthy eating regimen and make time for working out five out of seven days a week. It’s so important to me. Self-worth with love…CHECK! Meditation is crucial for my mental well-being and connecting with loved ones even more valuable.
And last but not least: Plenty of faith…CHECK!

Laurel Sparks-Sellers is author of LEATHER HORIZONS, PRIVATE PURSUITS (upcoming in 2018), and  THE MINK WRAP IN THE ATTIC (upcoming in 2018). All contemporary romances and penned under the name of Laverty Sparks, a combination of her parents’ names.

Twitter: @Sparkswriting


  1. Welcome, Laurel! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Welcome to the round pen, Laurel. Happy you could stop by!

  3. Very glad to be here...thanks for inviting me!

  4. You're very smart to make self-care part of your everyday routine. I believe it makes the writing much easier. And better. Thanks for visiting us, Laurel.