Wednesday, September 5

12 Days of Heartwarming Christmas

We're back in Christmas town in 2018! This year there's a wedding and a carousel and all kinds of fun. Our stories are longer and richer. As usual, we've had so much fun going back.

My story, The Dark Horse, started --predictably enough--from the sight of my husband's fingers on the strings of his guitar. Of my grandson in military uniform. Of teenage grandsons whose lives have been nothing like young Connor Michaud's in the story, but whose expressions when they don't know I'm looking can make me hurt for them. And from seeing a long, loose chestnut braid...somewhere...that became a part of Chloe Brewton. She was in last year's story, Miracle on Joyful Street, and showed up for her own this year. Complete with braid, heartbreak, and room in her house and heart for a family. And maybe for Row Welcome, too...

If you'll sign up for our mailing list, you'll get a free read of A Christmas Carol Proposal, the prologue of this year's shelf of stories. I hope you'll join us all there and that you enjoy your visit.

All the stories are available for pre-order. Stay tuned for more holiday fun from Christmas Town!