Tuesday, December 11

A Girlfriend for Christmas

by Ava Cuvay

(Cheering ensues...
Aly! Aly! Aly! You're so amazing!...) 
Merry December, everyone! I haven't written a word for two months or even drawn more than a few cursory illustrations for my second children's book, and I'm wrangling with the pain and discomfort of a pinched nerve (Getting old...Boo! Hiss!). But this just means I get to talk about my writer pal, Aly Grady, and her new Sweet Holiday Romance Novella: "A Girlfriend for Christmas"!!! Yay!!

When a blizzard prevents teacher Caroline Crawley from getting home for the first Christmas after her mother’s death, a stranger makes her an offer she can’t refuse. 
Dr. Colin Pepper is traveling home, but without the non-existent girlfriend his family is expecting. Can a pretend girlfriend be Colin’s true Christmas miracle?

Excerpt - First Meeting:
..."It's been a long day. My connection has been delayed for hours, and I'm stuck in the terminal because all the hotels are full. I won't get home in time for Christmas. I'm just out of sorts. And now I'm rambling." Caroline laughed at herself....
..."It's cute. The rambling that is. I'm Colin." He extended his hand.
If you're looking for a sweet, feel-good Holiday story that pairs well with a warm mug of cocoa, fuzzy slippers, cozy blankets, and a cheery background of twinkling lights, this is a perfect novella for you!
Available at:
Barnes & Noble - a-girlfriend-for-christmas


  1. Thanks for sharing a new holiday title, Ava!

  2. sounds like a fun read - I love holiday romances!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the release, Aly!

  4. Sounds adorable, Ava. Feel better soon!