Wednesday, January 16

A Change of Heart

By Ava Cuvay
Ack! I'm posting this as I eat my dinner, kicking myself for nearly forgetting my blog day. It only happens once very few weeks, and Kristi even reminded me... and yet I still forgot.
Ugh. It's kinda representative of my life these past few weeks. Getting back into the swing of anything has been a real struggle for me. I haven't written a word in months. And neither am I making any progress on my second children's book. I'm also struggling with my role as a substitute teacher, and attempting a job search again to find something better fitting my skill set. But that venture has landed me nothing but rejection so far.
Basically, my heart just isn't into 2019 yet.
But, I'm not going to let it get me down for too long. Firstly, I am ever the optimist. Or at least a fatalistic it-can-only-get-better kind of person ;-) Also, I know my own mood swings. What is an unsurmountable obstacle one week is just a little speed bump the next. Whatever the reason I'm down now, I'll pout, feel sorry for myself, cry into my pillow, and then move on. Besides, I have waaay to many items on my To Do list to allow much time for a pity party.
Basically, my heart will change and 2019 will be awesome.
Speaking of a change of heart, my writer pal Melanie Jayne has a new book on pre-order, titled "A Change of Heart," (See what I did there? With the thematic tie in? Wow, I'm good. :-)
However, Melanie's "A Change of Heart" is less tortured than my own maudlin attitude. It's a slow burn, sweet adult romance that can be read as a stand alone, or as the latest installment of her Change Series. On pre-order with all e-retailers now until it's release date January 29th, "A Change of Heart" asks the question "Can a Crush Ever Die?" 
"Rick Khaled was the most beautiful man that I had ever seen and twenty-one years later, nothing had changed except I’m no longer fourteen and hiding in the shadows. Now, I’m a boss running my own construction crew, building his dream house. I barely have enough time to sleep let alone rekindle my teenage crush, but he is always around, asking things of me, making me want…him.

Lyricka Seaver is smart, talented, driven, and sexy as hell but the timing sucks. My life has been totally rearranged and I don’t know who I am. Gone are the days where I did as I please and answered to no one. When I look at this amazing woman, I forget about my responsibilities and I only want…her.

Surrendering has never been as sweet as when you have A Change of Heart."
Check out Melanie's "A Change of Heart" and I'll chat with you in a few weeks when my own will be turned around and I'll be back on top of the world. Until then, stay warm and safe!


  1. Hey Ava! I hope your change of heart happens soon. It sucks when a job isn't suited for you - like trying to push a round peg into a square hole. Take care.

  2. Hang in there,'re right, it will get better. And I know how you feel about the job situation - subbing wasn't suited to me, either (although I didn't mind the hours, lol!)'ll find something that's great and in the meantime those story ideas will be percolating in your mind.

    Thanks for sharing this book - sounds like a fun read!

  3. Good luck with your change of heart. I hope 2019's both comfortable and exciting!