Tuesday, February 12

Just Rambling

It’s Monday morning and I’ve got nothin’ for my Tuesday WW blog post.

My mind is mush what with packing boxes to prepare the house for staging and working on editing gigs and worrying over whether or not my editor is going to like book 2 of the Four Irish Brothers Winery series—the one I just turned in last weekend. My heart is alternately in my throat and in my socks as I await her comments. My head is also full of the next book—had a great discussion/brainstorming session with Husband, Son, and DIL about it on Saturday night. They all had great ideas and since DIL’s profession is in theater, she’s going to be invaluable to me as I write Aidan’s story.

I went to my RWA chapter meeting on Saturday—it was good to see my fellow romance writers and the program was all about self-care for writers, including an interesting bit about Impostor Syndrome that I could so relate to. I’m wondering if it’s something that all creative types go through? I shared some of what I learned with the family on Saturday evening and both Son and DIL totally got it. Husband, not so much. We found that quite interesting.

The engineer in him is very confident, so if he’s doing what he knows he does well, he acknowledges that and is comfortable with who he is. He has no problem saying, “Yeah, I can do that well and I know it.” For him, it’s just the facts that he does well all the things he worked hard at learning how to do well. Son and I, on the other hand, both suffer from Imposter Syndrome, wondering always if people will figure out we’re not really good at what we’re presenting to the world. Interesting stuff. Any thoughts?

As I said, I’ve got Aidan’s book simmering in my mind as I’m packing and working. Next week Liz and I are off on a writer’s retreat and I hope to get the book well underway. I gave myself a couple of weeks off of writing after I turned in Sean and Megan’s story, and it’s been good to breathe a bit on that front, even though Aidan is constantly talking to me. I’m excited to start this one because Aidan is going to be a fascinating character to write.

Here’s a little Grandboy joy for you—he’s such a gift in our lives. He’s so loving and clever and has a very mature wit, but he also has such a sweet innocence about him that you just want to wrap him up in bubble wrap and keep him safe from anyone or anything that could take that innocence away. I know the world will eventually make him tougher and that it has to happen, but I’m enjoying the wonder and pleasure he finds in nearly everything. The reading light bulb has suddenly turned on and he’s reading everything in sight, sounding out words, and figuring out what they mean. Plus, he's become quite the storyteller and comic book creator. It’s delightful!

Okay, I’m done rambling. Tell me what’s up with you this week. Anything new? Ready for spring? Whatcha working on? Talk to me...



  1. Looking forward to retreat! Imposter Syndrome is becoming a big thing with a lot of us, I think. It erodes confidence, doesn't it?

  2. Definitely! And confidence is in short supply for a lot of writers, I think. Thanks for stopping by, Liz!

  3. SOOO ready for spring. We got a little taste of it one day last week and then again today...and I can't wait!! I also can't wait to hang with you and Liz next month in INDY!! :D

  4. Let's see...trying to finish a stupid puzzle that KB bought. It's a Disney Peter Pan one with tons of shades of blue. Most annoying puzzle I've done in a long time. And I have a Hallmark Bike puzzle that I really want to do. LOL

    Decided to embrace the silver and got most of my dyed brown hair cut off. My hair is the shortest it's been in ages--decades even.

    Our week of winter is over and we're back in fall/spring rainy weather, although a snowflake or two keeps popping up on my phone weather app for the future. But, then it disappears before we reach the date, I'm hoping that trend continues.

    Have a great retreat, you lucky ladies!