Tuesday, February 26

Spotlight on Jillian Jacobs

by Ava Cuvay
I'm taking this opportunity to promote my writer pal, Jillian Jacobs, and her upcoming release that is currently on Preorder: "Spotlight." But this is more than "just" a promo for a new book.
Jillian's book is a male/male romance story that underlines the dark, unpleasant truth of domestic violence, and its broader scope of intimate partner violence. Four years ago, Jillian partnered with Twinsie Talk Blog group to create an author signing in Peoria, Illinois, subsequently raising thousands of dollars for the not-for-profit organization Thistle Farms. Thistle Farms is dedicated to helping women survivors of prostitution, trafficking, and addiction, the roots of which are often found in abuse, loss, and neglect.
My friend has the biggest heart I know, and she took her empathy toward the women of Thistle Farms and turned it toward partner abuse in the LGBTQ community, most particularly gay men, who suffer the additional stigma of society expecting them to be strong and manly enough to defend themselves.
Then, she threw in cancer.
It's not an easy book to read, dealing with these two issues, especially if they happen to be trigger issues for anyone. But "Spotlight" also proves that romance isn't all fluff. Romance can deal with meaningful, deep, dark, unpleasant issues that we want to turn a blind eye to and pretend don't really exist... and romance proves that we can come out stronger in the end and still have our happily-ever-after. That love and hope are powerful emotions that can carry us through the more unpleasant times in life. Three cheers for Romance!!!
But enough about all that. Let's talk "Spotlight" by Jillian Jacobs:
Rolling Rocker news reporter shines the spotlight on Apollo band mates’ Freddie Davis and TJ Hardwood. While interviewing Freddie for a piece on intimate partner violence, the reporter learns the two men really do make beautiful music together—both on and off the stage.

   As childhood friends, TJ and Freddie Davis had a singular goal—to become rock stars. But now that they’ve reached the pinnacle of success, they’ve drifted apart—a fact demonstrated by TJ’s “living like a Greek god” lifestyle. 
   Attempting to move on from his unrequited love for TJ, Freddie begins a relationship with the band’s security guard. When the relationship takes a dark turn, his cymbals aren’t the only things crashing. 
   After seeing Freddie’s bruised face, TJ confesses his desperate longing to have Freddie back in his life—and his bed. Plus TJ knows he’ll need his long time friend when cancer takes its toll on a loved one.
   When these two lovers step into the Spotlight, they learn that money and fame can’t save them from life’s harsh realities and only together can they find the right rhythm.

B&N link: http://bit.ly/SpotlightBNJillianJacobs
Kobo:  https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/spotlight-21
iBook: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/spotlight/id1453541528?mt=11


  1. welcome, Jillian and congrats on your new release!

  2. Welcome, Jillian. "Spotlight" sounds like a fabulous read. Thank you for being with us today.

  3. What a premise! Hi. Jill! Glad to see you here.