Friday, February 22

Time to Rekindle

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 by Margie Senechal

A couple of weeks ago, I interviewed for a promotion. Most of the time, I do horrible at these  type of interviews--the ones with behavioral questions. Something like, "Tell me a time when you had to give your boss bad news. How did you deliver it and what was the outcome?"

One of the questions was, "Tell me a time when you had a big deadline. What was it and how did you manage it?" Or something to that effect. I can't remember the exact phrasing, I was a bundle of controlled nerves.

Anyway, I told them about finishing my first manuscript in time to send it to Delacorte's YA novel contest in the 90's. 

I hadn't thought of that for a long time. But, I worked my tail off to finish the manuscript--serving my family dinner and then escaping to Barnes and Noble to write until they closed while Mike cleaned up the kitchen and put the girls to bed. I had a home daycare at the time and during naptime I'd type and edit.

I did this for close to three months to make that deadline. I was so dedicated. What happened to that girl? I wonder...
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The experience proved to me that I could finish writing a complete book. Since then I have finished eight manuscripts--from a picture book to an adult suspense, with middle grades and YA in between. If you count all the Bix versions, it's even higher.

I've had highs---65% percent full requests on many versions of Bix, placing in WD annual contest, a call from Paul Simon's office about my early reader that uses images from his songs in a fantasy sequence, personal notes on the bottom of rejection letters...and lows--six month submission purgatory, not placing WD contest, too many rejections to count...

SO, where does that leave me?

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I want to be that hungry again. Is there a way to reclaim that fire?  That drive?

I know part of my drive came from my life at that time and wanting to change it. Having something out on submission is a bit like having a lottery ticket. I haven't had that lottery ticket for a while, and I miss it. I miss checking my email to see if I've heard back from an agent and researching, querying...

The hunger is growing again. Even if I get the promotion, I'm ready for more. I want to join my fellow Wranglers just once--especially if we can go to that cute place Liz and Nan are at right now or Nan's lake house...

I'm ready to commit, to write, to finish...and ultimately, to publish.


  1. Oh Margie, I want that fire for you! I would so love to meet all you somewhere, too. I'm cheering for you girl!

  2. I'm like Jana--I want that fire for you, and we'd like to have you at that "cute place," too. (It was a cool one!) Just never, ever forget that you have soooo much to offer and that your voice definitely warrants being heard...and read. Definitely read. Hugs to you.

  3. I wanted to be at Liz & Nan's writing retreat, too. And I'm cheering for you to find that fire - or start a new and different fire! - too.

    1. I know! Didn't it look adorable? I wonder if we all got together, how much work we actually accomplish??? Hmmmmm