Friday, April 5

Friday Thoughts...

by Margie Senechal

Kristi had a great reason for missing her Tuesday post as she's on an anniversary cruise with her hubby. I, do not have a great reason for the lateness of my post. I am not on a cruise, on vacation, or any other wonderful reason. mind is just, well everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Image result for high seas cruise

You know what that means! Hodge podge straight ahead...

Last week, Liz and Nan wrote about their favorite words and because I can't comment from the phone and apparently, I didn't go on my computer to comment (Sorry, girls), I'm going to tell you a few of my favorite words. 

I love the word cacophony. I love to say it and I love what it means. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of opportunities to use it. And even if you find one, the person you're saying it to might give you a weird look. It's not easy to slip into conversation.
Image result for rainy carnival

One of my other favorites is Expectatious. Of course, that might be because I made it up. It's for that feeling when your soul is unexpectantly happy and you feel like something good is going to happen. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't, but that feeling is great and needed a word.

Speaking of feelings, is there anything sadder than a rainy carnival on Spring Break? I love to watch carnival rides, their lights glowing in the night, squeals of delight ringing, the scent of hotdogs and popcorn in the air...and I think of my character, Esme, who has a story that I just can't figure out, but Carnie Girl will get her story.

Years ago I read a short story by John Sladek called Love Among the Xoids. The Xoids were a subset of the population that nobody ever notices---they come into your house at night and eat the leftovers in your fridge, take the socks that fall behind your dryer, go by names that we don't want kind of reminds me of the homeless surge that I deal with every day at work.

Image result for handmaid's tale

The story published in 1984 and so did Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. I just want to know what was in the literary water in 1984.

That's all I've got. Happy Friday!


  1. Hi Margie. I love that you made up your own word for a feeling of happiness and expectation. One of these days I'll think up a word, too, because it's just too cool!
    from Jana, who is also not on a cruise or on vacation

    1. I've made up some other ones, but I can't think of them right now. LOL I seem to invent verbs by adding "ing" onto them when there isn't supposed to be. At least, that's what my computer red line tells me :)

  2. I love cacophony, too, although I can't spell it without help. It's one of those words Nan mentioned, that sounds exactly like what it is. I like expectatious, too!

    From Liz, who likewise is not on a cruise or a vacation.

  3. I should've used cacophony in conjunction with the carnival. LOL. And I rely on spell check to make sure I spell it right. I'd probably lose that round in a spelling bee.