Tuesday, May 21

Counting Down the Days

By Ava Cuvay

As of this morning, there are 4 more days of school for my kiddos’ school system. And, yes, I am counting down the days with as much excitement as my [typically Meh!] tweens are. Mostly because I’m anxious to begin tackling my To-Do List that has grown over the past several months: finish illustrations and publish children’s book, Finish writing/rewriting/editing/re-editing/publishing next romance novel, deep clean the house, and try to live harmoniously with above-mentioned typically Meh! tweens.

Two months of summer break, with a couple family vacations and my responsibilities to my Indiana RWA chapter thrown in the mix… pffshhh… I should have no problem getting all of my To Do List accomplished, right? But it gets me thinking about other countdowns in my life, such as:

12 Days until the family flies to Florida for a Caribbean Cruise. Nothing to do but eat, drink, and soak up the rays. Hubby has been counting down since Spring Break, and I’ve been downloading books to my Kindle like mad!

25 Days until the wedding of hubby’s cousin. Time with the family is always something to celebrate. Especially over The Chicken Dance and wedding cake. Although I might be a bit of a Violet Beauregarde after all the drinking and eating on the cruise ;-)

40 Days until the Indiana RWA’s October conference featuring Damon Suede and Geoff Symon opens for registration. Squeee!! More about this later.

41 Days until the Indiana RWA’s IGO contest for unpublished authors is closed for entries. And then begins the exciting work of judging and offering constructive critiques to these beginning writers…and a great opportunity to pay forward all the help others have given to me as a writer. Until then, if you or someone you know is an unpublished author looking for a great contest, give us a try! https://indianarwa.com/igo/

78 Days until kids are back in school again. Ack! That means back to substitute teaching and I’d better have published my two books by then!

116 Days until my one and only Author Signing of the year: The Saints & Sinners Indy Author Event. So excited to see author pals and meet new readers! If you’re in town, come join us for the day! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/indy-author-event-2019-tickets-45598210475

144 Days until the family trip to Disney World, meeting up with my graduate roomie and her family. It’s never a bad time when you’re in the Happiest Place on Earth… and Galaxy’s Edge (a.k.a. Star Wars Land) is supposed to be open. Squeee!!!!

158 Days until the Indiana RWA’s Day Conference featuring Damon Suede and Geoff Symon. Again, Squeee!! Forget Christmas, forget New Year’s Eve… THIS will be the culmination of my 2019, and the last two years’ work to bring these two fabulous presenters to Indianapolis. I’m thrilled that they are coming to our state (and I’ll be honest, I feel like it’s a bit of a coup to get both of them here because most other author conferences offer just one), and can’t wait for the wealth of knowledge they will share. Anyone who is an author within driving distance should seriously consider coming to listen to these two amazing gentlemen. But don’t hesitate… there are only 100 seats available and registration opens on July 1st. ;-)   https://indianarwa.com/conference/
*pant*pant*pant*pant*.... Maybe 2020 will be a little less crazy.


  1. A wonderful, exciting list! I hope you enjoy everything on it.

  2. what a fun list - i want a little of that is my "coming up" files!

  3. That is quite the list you've got! My list includes 28 days until I go on my writing retreat. And that's the end of my list! Really wish I lived closer to Indianapolis. I'd love to go to your conference!