Tuesday, May 14

Let's All Sing Along ~ @AuthorKristina Knight

Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash
Music is a big part of my life, always has been. I can remember staying up late on Sunday nights to record my favorites off the countdown (because I couldn't afford to buy all the songs I wanted at the store). Then I got my first job at a radio station and my love of music grew. And then I met RadioMan and music library quadrupled (because he's always a music person).

I don't sing, not really, other than at church. I don't write music (although I have a notebook of really, really bad poetry from my high school days). But I love what a good song makes me feel. How it can cheer me up or get me into the right headspace to write a black moment or a redemption or just a fun, silly, falling-in-love scene from early in a book. Here are a few of my favorite songs lately.

Eric Church has been a favorite for a while now, and he's on most of my playlists, but this song is my favorite (and I say that knowing that he'll put out another song in a few months that I love just as hard as I love this one):

And this one from Kacey Musgraves. I remember the first time I heard it, RadioMan and I were driving back from a quick trip to Toledo and we were talking and being silly and I just ... stopped. Listened to the song, and thought wow - this song really gets what it's like to be a mother. I'm not sure why it seemed like a "mom" song, but it did...and I still love it. So much that I added it to the playlist of the book I just finished (which doesn't have a mom it in...it has an evil step-mother!):

And then there is this one from Old Dominion, which is the perfect falling-in-love song, don't you think? Which is probably why it's been on my last two wip playlists:

Pink has been a standby in my playlists (personal and writing-wise) since...well, since before I was published. And this song, from The Greatest Showman, is a favorite. I loved the movie (I know, the circus is *bad*...but I still love the movie) and the music in it, and Pink's version, with her daughter, is...perfection:

And then there is Fireflies, which isn't a new song but it's not really old, either. It's been on repeat in our house for a little over a month because bebe's singing it at the school talent show at the end of the year. I know! My kid is singing at the school talent show and it's a song that I like...and not just like but really enjoy.  And it's a song that's nearly as old as she is..it's just weird. And cool. And...I hope y'all like this one, too:

What are you listening to lately?                                                                    ~Kristina


  1. I've never really compiled a playlist for a book, but every time I hear Delilah by Plain White Tees, I know the story I'd write for it. In fact, I have about 20K words done on it, and I know how it ends. LOL. That's kind of amazing for me.

    I love The Greatest Showman. Like you, I know that the Circus world wasn't a great one, but I find myself intrigued anyway. I love books about the circus. Like The Night Circus, and The Life She was Given.

    And Owlcity is one of my favorite bands. Their music always sounds happy. Like a summer day.

    1. aren't they just a happy band (or at least, they seem to be)

  2. You listen to a lot of the same music I do. Pink is one of my all time favorites. Have you heard her "Walk me home"? Great video.

  3. I don't listen when I write, but I like that other people do--it's such a basic difference among us!