Friday, June 28

Meet Blaze. Or Blaise.

by Margie Senechal

Things I’ve learned since my last post.

I can write almost every day! I have hit the 900 words on more days than not. And on some of the days, I’ve even surpassed them. 
And I don’t “need” to do the first draft with pen and paper. The computer works just as easily, and I don’t have to spend additional time typing them into the computer.
Why, yes, that is a Liz Flaherty pen in the right hand corner
I’ve been writing on a page titled 900 Words or Bust and then I transfer them into my manuscript. I also have a notepad that I received in last month’s Scribedelivery box that doubles as a mouse pad and where I write my weekly goals and notes on my manuscript each week.

I remembered that if I write before I go to work, the story stays with me. I think about it and have even scribbled a few notes during down times. 
On Thursday I was tied to the register, I found a piece of paper and kept writing from where I left off. On Saturday, I took an index card with the last two lines I’d written that morning in my pocket and filled the front and back with a continuation of the scene. I now have an index card with the last lines I wrote on it tucked in the inner pocket of my vest.

How did I forget that the story stays with me if I spend time immersed within it?
Okay, one more bit of info about what's been happening since last we conversed.

We added a kitten to our family. Because, you know, why not? Her name is Blaze after the Blazer mascot. Although Jordan thinks we should spell it the French way, Blaise. 

Watching her, I realize how simple life is for a kitten. And what a joy it is to watch her explorations into our world.

Anything can be a playground; an office chair, a dying plant, a human’s foot. Last night, she was poking around my desk and found a binder clip. She was totally enamored and intrigued by it. Apparently, I didn’t need to spend money on feather and catnip toys, a binder clip will do it. 
And now, as I try to post this, the little imp keeps walking across my keyboard. But, oh what fun she is. 
Have a great weekend!


  1. Hello, Blaze/Blaise--how nice to meet you. You're very photogenic. It sounds as if your mom is doing really well in the writing department. That's nice to hear!

    1. Thanks, Liz! She is quite the cutie. And it's nice to have a social kitten. KB's older cats are basically hermits in her room.

  2. Welcome to the Wrangler extended family, blaze!!

    And yay for keep up with your goal, Margie!

  3. Thanks, Kristi! I'm enjoying watching progress finally be made.

  4. Your kitty is adorable! And since I'm Canadian I'll go with the French spelling and call her Blaise (not that I speak French).

    I'm so excited for your writing! Lately, I've sort of forgotten the write every day thing. I've let stuff get to me (more on that in my post today). But I need to embrace that goal the way you have. Congratulations Margie!