Friday, August 9

Hope to Overcome Fear

If you've been reading our blog faithfully this month, then you know that we've been discussing fear--in fact, I was the one who said, "Hey, I think we've got a theme." And this morning, I'm frozen in front of the screen with nothing to add to the three fabulous posts that precede this.

You can leave to read them, I'll wait....

So I'm just going to say, "Ditto."

Having never been published, my biggest writing fear is that I'll never be published. I'll die with all my stories in files on my computer.

Wait! My biggest fear is that I won't ever finish a novel to submit again. Sure, I wrote eight versions (8!!) of Bix which did have ends and I completed eight other manuscripts and two spec scripts before those. But, for the past few years (since 2014), I haven't typed "The End" on anything. And believe me, I've started plenty.

I quit fearing rejection years ago. I think I might be immune at this point. Sure, I get disappointed, but at least I was able to put myself and my words out there.

Lately, my writing fears have been eclipsed by national fears. Will our country find our way back to the future without further carnage?

I've always thought in terms of movies/television---I want a Star Trek future, but sometimes it feels like we're heading toward a Escape From New York future. And that scares me. 

But, then something good happens. The skies open, birds sing, and sun shines down on us. 

Yesterday, KB got a promotion that will have her traveling between four states. It's a huge opportunity and I'm so proud of her. In a few weeks she's going to be training somewhere in Ohio--so Kristi, Nan, and Liz, she'll be closer to you than me :)

I think these two quotes from Toni Morrison are the perfect fear-fighting words for me at this juncture. 

Happy Friday and beyond!


  1. I love this, and I certainly share your national fears. Toni Morrison left us a wonderful legacy of words.

    1. Thank you, Liz! And yes, Toni Morrison did.

  2. Oh honey, you are an amazing writer! I can't imagine you won't be in print one day. And yes, I share your fears about our country... hold tight, though, we've been in worse shape than this and survived. Hugs!

    1. Thanks, Nan. Your confidence means more than I can say.

  3. Hey Margie. I've read your "Suitcases" story and loved it. You are so close to being able to write "The End". Don't let anything stop you.