Tuesday, October 22

September Resolutions

Fall has always been my favorite time of year, maybe because I was born in late September and I think of myself as a fall baby. But since we got the lake cottage, summer has ranked pretty high on the favorite seasons list, too. This year, I'm kinda ready for cooler nights and crisp days, jeans and sweatshirts, and apples from the orchard, but I'm dreading leaving the lake. In the next few weeks, it'll be time to close up the cottage for the winter, get the boat stored, and say good-bye to our lake friends. That's the hardest part about shutting down our lake life--saying good-bye. I miss them all so much while they're off to points south and we come back to the city.

This fall brings a great treat for me—the third book in the Four Irish Brothers Winery series releases on November 21! Christmas with You is another holiday romance—my publisher loves, loves holiday romances and so do I! Aidan Flaherty’s story was so much fun to write, and I really hope everyone enjoys our actor returning home to River’s Edge. 

I'm hoping that fall will bring more writing time for me because frankly, I have another book due to my publisher in March and I need to keep moving on it. I hope, also, that Liz and I will have plenty of writing days this fall and over the winter, even though I won't be as close as I am when we're up at the lake. House hunting has really messed with my writer brain. I can't seem to focus and although I have lots of ideas, they just don't seem to be coming out of my fingers to the keyboard. There are also editing gigs that need my attention, so when we’re not going to house showings, I’m working pretty much all the time. I did get to spend a lovely afternoon at the park with my pal, Connie, and Grandboy yesterday. It was fun and the colors on the trees sure made for a beautiful, peaceful day!

I will be getting back to the gym as fall progresses--lake swimming is out of the question now that the lake has cooled down so much. I miss swimming, so the gym will take priority in the mornings just as soon as we find a house and I pick a gym close by. The weight is coming off again after a small gain this summer, which I attribute to just not being careful enough. We do drink more in the summer--it's the old "I'm a social drinker and I'm with people all the time" thing, I think. ;-) We also drink more margaritas in the summer and even though they're carb-free and sugar-free, they're still 100 calories of tequila. And how on earth are you supposed to drink margs without tortilla chips and salsa? You get the picture.

I read an article about a month ago that talked about September resolutions--how they're much easier than New Year's resolutions because they're inner resolutions. A fall renewing of your spirit and determination. I like that idea, just a quiet resolve to do better. The worrying thing will need work this fall—between house hunting and writing deadlines and promotion for a new book and not having my own home, the knot in my belly is huge right now. I’m working hard on just living my life, loving my family and friends, and trying to do good where I can. Oh, yes and, most important, remembering to breathe . . .



  1. Hope things are easing up as the leaves fall...

  2. Lovely, Nan. I can feel the weight of the load you're carrying. You have a wonderful way of imparting that emotion into your writing. Well done!

  3. I'm hoping you get your housing situation sorted out soon. I'm sure once that's resolved it will free up a lot of mental energy that you put toward writing.

    I like your idea about September resolutions - "just a quiet resolve to do better." I resolve to eat better in the next few months. Not quite so much junk food!

  4. Love this, Nan, especially the bit about quieter resolutions/resolving to do better. Big resolutions are great, but sometimes I think just trying to do a little better - get that step count 500 steps higher or don't snack after 4pm or drink more water can be as good for you as 'go to the gym six days each week'.