Friday, November 22

A Rumour of Faeries

Not only did I get to blog this week, but Kristi interviewed me on Tuesday which was lots of fun considering I've never had reason to be interviewed before. Usually I'm the interviewer, which I would've been today but for some reason Janie's and my computers aren't cooperating in passing messages back and forth. 

So, in lieu of an Wrangler interview I'm just going to wing it.

One of the things I've been thinking about recently, is the Genesis of an Idea.

A couple of weeks ago I found my original brainstorming sheet from when I started Suitcases. At that time, I imagined Analise answering the phone and having someone activate her memory and send her on the run. Kind of like Jason Bourne, I guess? It's moved so far from there in the last couple of years, I don't know what I was thinking back then.

Wow. Not even close to what it's developed into. Only the names and her love of suitcases has remained the same.

Writers are always asked where we get our ideas and the answers vary but for me, I'd have to say, I get ideas everywhere. The origin of Suitcases came to me  one day at work at Burlington. I loved it when we got new suitcases in even if I wasn't going to buy them or go anywhere. And I thought of this character who collected suitcases but never went anywhere.

And then I had to figure out why Ana never went anywhere so Mother was created. Chessie, Danny, Lexie, and Gemma followed soon after. I'm not a plotter, so the characters just kind of show up when I need them and then I figure out what to do with them. I'm happy to say I love all those characters and where their storylines are heading.

A few weeks ago, I spotted a twig on my scale but the positioning looked a little fairy-like and I came up with the first line of the Fantasy Caper I told Kristi about on Tuesday. 

I never believed in faeries until I found the dead one. At first I thought it was just a mass of twigs the cat had dragged in. Upon further examination (i.e. picking it up to dispose of), I realized it was a tiny skeletal being. A fairy.  And my cat may or may not have been the cause of death.

I have a couple of pages that I've been playing around with when I get bored or inspired, but I'm not sure if it's simply a spark and not a fire yet.

A couple of days ago I looked down and spotted this pixie ax on my floor. And yesterday, while receiving our truck, I found this label on a toy tote. ELF. Coincidence??? Hmmm

I don't know if I'm finding clues from the universe to pursue this story or if I'm interperting things I find to give me permission to play with this new shiny object.  

That's all I got folks as the clock nears the time I've got to head to work. Have a great weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. I love your imagination, Margie. And where the heck did the pixie ax come from??

    I love your openings lines for this story, but what I'd suggest is that you tuck them away for another day, and then go back to Suitcases. I believe this is a case of "shiny new story" syndrome. It happens to all of us in the middle of writing a story. A new and exciting story idea occurs to us and we want to jump in and pursue it because it's so wonderful. But resist the temptation. Your faerie story will be there waiting for you after Suitcases is finished.

    1. Oh, I'm not abandoning Suitcases...I just like to reward myself with the shiny object when I'm done. LOL

    2. PS--the pixie ax was two plant pieces that just fell together that way or were scattered by feet and kitty play, which says more about my cleaning abilities than magical creatures visiting me :D

  2. Love this, Margie. Glad our computers weren't cooperating. I think the universe is trying to tell you to write this story. For some specific reason, you have been chosen. Don't let your fans, or the faeries down. Great piece!

  3. I still love that opening line - and all those signs, too!