Friday, November 1

Of Witches and Water

by Margie Senechal

The little witch in me loves Autumn. I love the bite in the air as our Indian Summer fades, the return of rainy wind storms, and the crunch of leaves on the ground. I love the array of reds and oranges that dot the landscape.

I love the d├ęcor of the season--cauldrons, leaves, bats and cats, bottles of potions. I love that the bazaar season begins in our town and my mom, sisters, and KB join me in the hunt for the perfect craft. Remember my tile coasters? I ended up with so many that I donated a glut of them to the Humane Society store, ReTails.

But, like Liz, I enjoy the dawn of each season--well, for us in the Pacific NW, we have two and a half seasons--we have rain that gets split by cold temps and sometimes snow in Winter and rain that gets chased away by sun in late Spring or early Summer--although this year rain won that battle. I don't know how many of KB's softball game were rained out this season--more than the last five years combined, I'd say.

As much as I love life in this area--on some survey, Washington State was named the Number 1 place to live--living in the Evergreen State during Autumn has it's drawbacks. We'll never have the coloring of the NE side of the country--but that just means I have another trip to plan. 

Besides the coast, one of my favorite places in the PNW, is Multnomah Falls. There's just something about water that fills my soul. If I could swim, I might have been a mermaid instead of a witch :) So, here are some fall pictures from this remarkable place.

That person on the bridge must be a tourist--real natives wouldn't have an umbrella. Come on... :)

Now, if I could only find a season that included not working....

Have a great weekend! 


  1. I want to see Multnomah Falls! Love the pics, Margie.

    1. Ironically, I was an adult before I ever visited. Sure, we'd driven by it many times and glimpsed it from the freeway, but for some reason, we never stopped. Then about ten years ago some friends said, "Let's go to Multnomah Falls for brunch." and I fell in love.

  2. Beautiful post, Margie. How well you describe it all.

  3. Love the pictures, Margie. Multnomah Falls is gorgeous!