Friday, January 10

Seeds... by Liz Flaherty #WordWranglers

I've been thinking, trying to put my goals for the year into some kind of linear order because linear works for me. Except for when it doesn't. When I have to scoop things together from all over the place and see how they come out.

But, anyway, here it is, the new Roarin' 20s. They started with a bang for romance authors, with RWA imploding and people making decisions they'd hemmed and hawed over for years about should I stay? or should I go? 

Before the ball had even dropped, I decided to go. The organization had provided very little that was helpful to me as a person or a writer for several years, but I'd stayed for the networking and the sense of community I got from it. I used to like the forums, too, but wearied of them long before I hit the button that unsubscribed me. It was past time for me to go and I've gained a personal lightness from it as well as a tenuous hope for the future. RWA as it was will never be again, but I have confidence the membership remaining will make something better of it.

Writing goals? I'll just keep doing it. I'll write my column, I'll hope for a new publishing contract. I'll talk about retiring. And I won't.

I didn't stress a word for this year, and ended up with helper. Because if I can't do or be anything else, that will be enough. I don't have leadership qualities, but I'm a good follower. A good helper. I have a servant's heart and I'm grateful for that.

Other than writing, what do I want to do? Travel, of course, and Nan and I are already making plans to that end. Have more kid time, more grandkid time.

Laugh more.

I want to be healthier and thinner, but mostly I want to be happy. Happiness is a work-in-progress, and some days it just doesn't happen, but most of them...yeah, most of them have seeds of joy blowing around even if I can't see any full-blown flowers. There's laughter in those seeds, and tears, and moments of...I hesitate to say it, but yes, perfection. Moments that make memories and firm places to stand on within ourselves.

And that's what I want for everyone else, too, lots of those seeds. Take them and grow something good, whether it's a book, a painting, or a comfortable place. Be happy. And help somebody.

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  1. You help me every day, mon amie! Great article!

  2. Love it, Liz. I think being happy is a worthy goal, one that I'm trying to fit into my schedule more often this year. Happy New Year!

    1. PS I downloaded Bet your Valentine. Can't wait to read it!

    2. Thanks, Jana. Hoping happy "fits in."