Tuesday, February 4

On Beaches and Getting Right

We like our themes here at WordWrangler HQ, but for the next couple of weeks we don’t have a theme, and that has me bewilderingly befuzzled about what to blog about.

I was thinking something weather related but I’m really disliking the weather of late. It’s been a mild winter here on the North Coast – no snow to speak of, no weather delays or cancellations for bebe’s school – and yet, it’s been a dismal couple of weeks. And I have to blame the weather because while it’s been not-bone-chillingly-cold it’s also been mind-numbingly-grey. I heard a news report the other day that the last half of January for our area had less than 10% sunshine. Yeah. Dismal. And it makes me grumpy. So I don’t want to blog about it.

We watched the Super Bowl on Sunday and it was a really good game – one that made me happy and not just because my hometown team won (Go CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEFS) but because it was a really good game. A 10-10 tie at the half, then the 49ers pulled ahead in the third quarter (and is Jimmy G a cutie-patootie or what?) and then Patrick Mahomes (also a cutie-patootie) did his thing in the fourth quarter…and pushed the Chiefs ahead for the win. It was a sweet victory for the team, a team that I never cheered for growing up because I was a Cowboys fan…anywho. But now football season is over and that makes me grumpy. So I don’t want to blog about it.

Baseball starts up soon, with pitchers reporting for Spring Training. But those lucky duckies will be in Florida or Arizona where it’s sunshine-y and warm and that makes me grumpy so I don’t want to blog about that, either.

We’re headed out on a cruise in a few weeks, to the beautiful Bahamas where sunshine and glorious heat will make us wish for air conditioning. And that doesn’t make me grumpy. I’ll blog about that.

I’m not sure what it is about the beach, but the smell of salt water and the feel of grainy sand against my fee makes me happy. It calms my soul, it helps me see the big picture of life a little differently. The beach (any beach, but preferably one that is salt water) makes me laugh and helps me get lost from the stresses of day to day life – how is bebe doing in school? Is RadioMan’s sports schedule calming down yet? Will I ever get this book finished? We’re bored with our usual dinner go-tos, what the heck are we going to eat tonight? Do I make enough money to hire a maid? You know, the important stuff – so that I feel more like Super Kristina, ready to leap the most difficult of editing requests in a single bound.

This year, we’re traveling with my mom and younger brother (our favorite traveling companions) and we’ll hit ports we’ve been to before which might may some people antsy or maybe even feel like it's not vacation-enough. I don't mind at all that we're hitting ports we've seen before. You know why? Because they’re three of my favorite ports and I know exactly what we’ll do: beach it! We’ll relax. We’ll spend quality time talking about nothing. We’ll build a sand castle or two and spend time floating and laughing and daydreaming our way through the days. And it won’t bother me that we’ll be back to gray Ohio in just a week because by the time we get back it will be spring time – and the sunshine will be coming back here, too. And life will be as it should: warmer, sunshine-y, with a few deadlines, and a renewed spirit to make it all manageable.

Do you love the beach?               ~Kristina


  1. I know I need some beach. The grayness is about to do me in! Have a great time on your cruise, and we'll just talk about jealousy at another time. :-) Nice post, Kristi!

    1. thanks, Liz! we should do a wranglers-beach-getaway!!!

  2. I've never been a cruise, but you make it sound nice. Enjoy! Enjoy! Oh, and great post!!

    1. thanks, Nan! What I love about cruising is that you get to totally unplug - the way we do it, anyway. We lock up our phones and leave them locked away until we're home. It's glorious!

  3. We've also had an unusually gray winter as well. We generally have a lot of rain--it's the PNW, so yeah--but, this year it's been overcast and gloomy along with the rain. Where is that darn sun at? And snow??? We get an occasional flirtation on our weather apps, but it disappears just as quickly.

    I live in the middle of the beach and the mountains--90 minutes west and I can be at the coast--Washington or Oregon, and 90 minutes east I can be at Mt. Hood. I choose the beach every single time. Although our beaches are wet, windy, and well, rarely warm. LOL But, it's the beach.

    Enjoy your cruise and the warm beaches!

  4. January here on the Canadian prairies was grey and gloomy as well (I detect a theme). The irony of winter here is that the colder the weather, the brighter the sun shines. The sun doesn't offer any warmth but at least it's bright. Most of this past January was mild (for us) with grey, gloomy skies. Yuck! It just feels depressing and I find myself longing for the cold - weird. One of my former colleagues suffered from SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder, which means the lack of light in the winter made her depressed. So she had a special lamp in her office that is supposed to mimic sunlight and ward off the blues. I guess it helps, but for me there's nothing like natural sunlight.

    Have a great holiday, Kristi!

  5. And this onetime-Miami-beach girl says it's all yours, friend; every grain of sand, rolling wave, and sunburn. I had 48 years of it and I'm happy as a clam (pun intended) to be landlocked in the mountains. I'll send you all of my leftover suntan lotion. ;)