Friday, March 20

Becoming an Apocalypsologist

Image result for hope memeby Margie Senechal

This month on the Word Wranglers, we've been focusing on game-changers. Folks, I think we're living in a game changer at the present moment. Each day is part of the adventure. And to be honest, I am constantly intrigued by the news, the people, and the situation. I understand it's dire--according to Savannah on the Today Show right this moment--but still I find it enthralling. And I live in one of the epicenter states.

Okay, so to go back a wee bit. I have been preparing for an apocalypse my entire life. Not in any sort of practical way--like stockpiling food or TP--just in my head. I've often been known to say I would survive any apocalypse except a tsunami. Did you see The Impossible? No way could I be as tough as Naomi Watts. Which now, you're wondering how I think I could survive any apocalypse. Well, I have a rich imagination, folks. I'm a writer.

The first stories I wrote without a teacher's guidance, were about surviving a nuclear war. I was in junior high and it was the height of the cold war. 

I designed underground villages--I even drew maps--and while my family survived, the cheerleader types I went to school with, sadly did not. Hmmm. 

I remember showing my story to my dad and he asked how we breathed underground. Kill joy. So, I created glass mushrooms which filtered air through some sore of system. Hey, I was 12. 

A number of years ago I started a post-apocalyptic story set after an Ice Age called The Journal Keeper. I did a lot of research (my favorite part of writing except the putting down of words). I stilll think of that story and wonder if I should someday return to that world.

My favorite movies/tv shows were always in that world as well--from Logan's Run, Planet of the Apes, Damnation Alley to Continuum and of course, The Hunger Games (love those books as well).

So, now when I have time, I am a news junkie. But, I am also a hope junkie. I have hope that we will come out this stronger than ever and maybe finally, a little more balanced. 

Good news things--yesterday, as we unloaded our very late truck at work, we heard drums in the church parking lot next to our store. And singing. And we wondered if the people had forgotten the state rules of no gatherings. They hadn't. The musicians were roped off in front of the church and cars had circled around them. They had a drive-in service and celebration. I'm not even religious and I thought it was freaking awesome. People were honking instead of clapping. It was great to see a workaround current regulations.

And just now, on the news, I heard that hospital dramas, now on Covid-19 hiatus, are donating their unused medical supplies to hospitals.

And that's how we get through this. Sharing, Caring, and Creating.

Have a great rest of the week! Stay safe and be well.


  1. Great post, Margie! Thanks for the fun and the hope!

  2. A great post. I love that church service!

  3. I love this, Margie! It's so heartening to see how people are adjusting to this 'new normal'.

  4. It's tough, but with people like you to cheer me up, we'll make it, Margie. Thanks for the pep talk and the dose of hope.

  5. Nice, Margie! It's a great, uplifting piece. It's good to be reminded over and over again how much we need each other.