Friday, June 12

Sabatoged by Blogger

by Margie Senechal

*Imagine a picture of a beautiful gypsy wagon here. It's purple and has a warm, inviting glow emanating from within*

Blogger isn't cooperating with me this morning. It won't let me add any pictures via the share tab and when I tried to paste one, it won't do that either. Grrr...I hate writing a post without pictures. Pictures inspire me and serve to illustrate that inspiration for the readers.

Okay, I guess I should just get over it and write my blog. 

We decided on a theme--summer romance. And looking out my window into the thick, gloomy clouds, it's hard to get inspired about summer or romance. LOL I haven't been able to go to the beach yet because of the quarantine of both my states--Washington and Oregon. I live in WA, but usually go to the Oregon Coast. *Imagine a nice shot of Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach here*

And now, it's raining. I love the pit-patter of raindrops as they hit the many leaves that surround my house. I love the scent of honeysuckles that drifts through the open front door on a breezy night, the sound of the flag across the street as it whips against the pole and the steady of hum of a lawnmower down the block. Those are things that spell summer for me.

A month or so ago, I discovered a couple of wonderful escapism romances from Rebecca Raisin, who'd I hadn't read before. Rosie's Travelling Tea Shop and Aria's Travelling Book Shop. I plan to explore her backlist soon. I love finding a new-to-me author with a blacklist. Last summer it was Elly Griffiths with her Ruth Galloway series. Years past binges include Shannon Stacy's Kowalskis series, Kristan Higgins' Blue Heron series, and Sophie Kinsella's backlog. Of course, now I'm all caught up with them and have to anxiously await any new books like everyone else. 

And finally I'll close with a book I really enjoyed, Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn. I'd heard good things about it and it certainly lived up to the hype. I think it was the book that got me out of my quarantine blues.  

Have a great weekend and if you stop by, tell me what spells summer or romance for you. Or leave a rec. I'm open to all suggestions :)


  1. I've argued a good bit with Blogger, too, and lost every time. Thanks for the recommendations! I'm reading Holly Jacobs' Hometown Hearts series right now. Sweet and gentle and what a cast of characters!

    1. I love Holly's books! Just One Thing is one of my favorites. I'll have to check this series out. Thank you!

  2. You don't need to add a picture, Margie. You paint lovely ones for the reader. I can see and hear that flag whipping in the wind right now. Nice post.

  3. Blogger is changing it's format and people on line are complaining about it. Something else to look forward to!

    What spells summer for me is seeing things growing in the garden (not counting weeds). It's the ability to go outside without having to layer on a multitude of coats and boots! Life is so much easier in summer.