Friday, June 26

The Covid-19 Summer Reading Program by Liz Flaherty

Such a good idea, posting a summer reading list. I'm so glad I thought of it. Oh, wait, that wasn't me, was it? Margie did it, then Nan, so...yeah, okay, I don't have ideas. I get it! However, I have no problem with borrowing from others.

Summer isn't usually my biggest reading time. I'm a blanket and tea girl--the cozier I am, the more I read. However, Covid-19 has made summer different for me just as it has for most others, so I've been reading a lot.

Just in case you've missed them, the Wranglers have had or are going to have great new releases.

Kristina Knight's Jase: Nevada Cowboys Book 3Such a great series!

I was privileged to read Nan's The Baby Contract. I love her winery series and am sorry to see the last of the Flaherty Brothers, although there are exciting things coming. It's available for pre-order now, so if you haven't ordered it yet, you might want to do it now while you're thinking about it.

Jana Richards just released To Heal A Heartabout which I have some serious cover envy. This is the second book in the Masonville Series.

The rest of the Wranglers--sigh--continue to write on projects of our own. The writing, as Janie says, is sometimes sluggish. I will say, if you haven't gotten it yet, Janie's highly acclaimed Glory Land Series is calling my name. A Corner in Glory Land is the first book. It's sitting patiently on my Kindle. Well, maybe not patiently...

Kristan Higgins's newest women's fiction title, Always the Last to Know, is one of my favorites of hers. In truth, I miss her straight romances, but the hours spent reading this release are some of the best I've had in this long siege of sheltering in place.

Holly Jacobs's Homecoming, the third title in her Hometown Hearts, was pure joy for me. The series is romance, but...well, more. I know that's not a good description, but read one--you'll see what I mean. They stand alone, too, just as Nan's do, but in order is more fun.

Last week, I read Pulitzer winner Connie Schultz's The Daughters of Erietown. I loved it. It was a harder read than I usually choose--I'm a fiction lightweight, thank you very much--but Ms. Schultz's voice is pure pleasure.

Today, I started on one of Nan's suggestions from the other day, Ammie, Come Home. The jury's still out, but I'm hopeful.

What are you reading?


  1. thanks for the shout-out, Liz! I've got Kristan's book on my to-read list ... can't wait to start it!

  2. I've just started Connie's book, The Daughters of Erietown--her voice is amazing, but it's a hard read. I do hope you like Barbara Michaels's voice enough to continue reading her. She's been a favorite of mine for years! Great list and thank you for the shoutout!

  3. I'm currently reading The German Heiress which takes places in British occupied Germany just after WW2. Not an easy read either but I love WW2 stories.