Friday, July 17

Summer Travel Memories - My Top Five by Jana Richards

Ah, I remember travel. I haven’t traveled extensively, but I do enjoy seeing new places and experiencing new cultures. Here’s a few of my favorite places.

1. Maui, Hawaii – I’ve only had the chance to go to Maui once, but I loved it. Technically speaking, I was in Maui in the winter, not the summer. But hey, it was summer once we got there! I loved the beaches, the rain forests and desert landscapes. I even loved the way it smelled! But I especially loved the weather. We arrived during the depths of a cold Canadian winter and for two glorious weeks we didn't have to think about shoveling snow once.

One of the lovely beaches in Maui.
2. Nova Scotia – The ocean scenery is fabulous, and the people are always friendly. And the pubs in Halifax are always rocking. The live music is so much fun.
At a ceilidh (party) in Nova Scotia
3. The south of France – We were on a cruise of the Rhone River from Arles (on the Mediterranean) to Lyon, France. So much to see – Roman ruins, ancient villages, French chateaus. I loved the olive groves and the terraced vineyards lining the riverbanks. Because we visited in June, the weather was perfect and the lavender fields were in bloom. Absolutely beautiful!

A lavender field in the South of France.
4. Paris and Barcelona – On the same trip, we got to spend a little time in both cities. I loved Barcelona. The weather was perfect and the people friendly. The tapas was great, and the sangria was even better. Around every corner in Paris you’ll find some iconic landmark – Look! There’s the Eiffel Tower. Notre Dame Cathedral (before it burned). The Arc de Triumph. The Louvre. Our three days there didn’t come close to seeing it all.

Notre Dame, before the fire.
5. The Okanagan Valley, British Columbia – One of my favorite places to visit in Canada. The natural scenery is gorgeous with mountain and lake vistas. Everywhere you look you’ll see vineyards and orchards. We had fun touring many of the small vineyards in the valley and tasting their wares. It’s always a good idea to go on a guided tour when you sample wines so you don’t have to drive!

Lake Okanagan with mountains in the background and vineyards in the foreground.
When it’s safe to travel once again, I’d love to revisit all of these places! But this summer we'll be staying close to home. Honestly, it's not such a hardship because Manitoba has some gorgeous lakes. Where's your favorite summer place?


  1. I loved the travelogue! Some places to add to my never-ending list of want-to's. I haven't traveled at all since Covid-19 reared its ugly crown, even on day trips, and I miss it so much. Thanks for sharing, Jana!

    1. Yes, I don't know how long it's going to be before travel feels comfortable again. My husband and I are going on a little golf trip next week, but we're not leaving the province. Staying fairly close to home.

  2. This list gives people ideas about where to go once they can "go" again. In the meantime, we can dream.