Saturday, August 1

It's All in the Smolder

by Margie Senechal 

The other day I happened onto Shakespeare in Love and while watching it, I realized one of the reasons I love it is for the smolder. You know that moment that emotional embers burn just before they ignite?

In Shakespeare in Love, Will watches Viola with such intensity, you're surprised they don't spontaneously combust.

Seely Booth had it for Bones even before they became an official couple. Watch the Grave Digger episode when he pulls Bones from her sandy grave. He may have been sleeping with Cam, but he never looked at her like he looked at Bones. 

And all those smoldering moments finally came to fruitation in Season 7.

Dangerous Beauty is one of my all-time favorite movies. It's about the love between a courtesan and a nobleman during Italy's 16th century plague and witch hunt. Nobody does the smolder like Rufus Sewell. Hell, he even does the angry smolder justice--see A Knight's Tale.

It's also why we love Darcy in all his incarnations. Whether it's Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice or Colin Firth in Bridget Jones. Or Matthew Macfadyen in Pride and Prejudice. 
These days I'm working on mastering the smolder between Ana and Danny in Suitcases. Because honestly, it's those smoldering embers that keep readers reading and viewers watching. 

If you stop by, let me know your perfect smoldering hero. I need all the help I can get to master this skill.  

As always, stay safe and mask up!


  1. ooh, Flynn Ryder is still one of my favorite smolders! :) And Colin is my favorite darcy - whether in period costume or modern day briget jones wear. :)

    1. You're right, Flynn Rider had an awesome smolder. LOL And Colin--agreed.

  2. Loved this, Margie. You're so right about the smolder! If we're really going back, Clark Gable as Rhett Butler did some handy smoldering.

    1. Yes! And Gene Kelly in Brigadoon--one of my favorite oldies. And Cary Grant in anything. LOL

  3. I guess I've never really paid that much attention to smolders, but I love, love, love that you are applying it to Suitcases. Danny's smolder will have to be such a gentle, loving smolder though. I am probably going to see smolders everywhere now!

  4. Ohh, I'm definitely going to have to use the smolder in my next book! Can't wait to read your smolder, Margie.