Thursday, December 24

All We Want for Christmas is....


The New Year is fast approaching, and I think I can say for all of us here at The WordWranglers that we are ready for it! But we're not wishing away the ending moments of 202 just yet - there is still a lot to celebrate and enjoy. We are, however, sharing a few of our new year wishes with you all. 

Nan is wishing for health: My Christmas wish is probably the same as everyone else’s—that the vaccine works and our country gets back to whatever normal will become, although to that I would add this: I wish that we all come back into the world a little kinder, a little softer, and little bit more aware of each other. I wish for a more peaceful 2021 that lacks drama, a gentler 2021 where each day’s news doesn’t make me want to curl up into a ball, a 2021 full of intelligent exchanges of ideas and people helping people, and a new year that radiates joy for everyone. Oh, and a 2021 where Liz and I get to have at least two, possibly three writing retreats! 

Liz wants all things Wonderful:  There are so many games on FB and everywhere these days that when I was thinking of a wish for all of you as the Wranglers go into the holidays, all my words became W words--an unwitting game! So, from this Word Wrangler, I wish you wellness, warmth, wonder, and welcome as we leave 2020 behind us. Merry Christmas and blessings to you in 2021!

Kristina is hoping for more: more time, more tenderness, more tenacity! I feel like we've all been through a wringer a bit in 2020, and I have to say I'm hoping that 2021 has much less stress. I'd like to travel home to see my family, take a trip with RadioMan and bebe to hang out on a beach doing nothing, and I wouldn't turn down a writing retreat (or two). I'm hoping that 2021 brings us more love for one another, more kindness, and I hope that we realize the value of the time we have here. Time with friends and family, time doing nothing and everything, time that should be spent well rather than hoarded for 'later'. 

Margie would like to see kindness:   I wish for a return to kindness. Smiling at strangers, holding the door for the person behind you, and finding the positive when surrounded by the negative. Think of what a wonderful world we'd have if everyone did this.

Janie thinks 2021 would be great if: I wish I was five again and the world was perfect because my parents and Santa Claus were in charge.

Jana believes in hope: I would like to wish all our readers and friends a very happy holiday season. This year Christmas won’t be quite the same but that doesn’t have to mean we can’t have fun or connect with the people we love. It just means we’ll have to find creative ways to do it virtually. With the coming of 2021, hope is on the horizon. My wish is that 2021 has good things in store for all of us. Have a safe, happy and fun Christmas.


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