’Twas the Month Before Christmas… by Liz Flaherty

Hi, it's Liz here, in for Nan. She said I could blame her for not having a post ready, but in truth, I found this old one of mine that I loved and it was perfect for right now and when I whined because my own blog, Window Over the Sink , is full up for December she told me I could have her day. So, thank you, Nan. And, also, my deepest apologies if you've read this before... My girls and me, Black Friday 2022 There are people out there who have their Christmas shopping done. They are the same ones who bought all their wrapping paper, Christmas cards, bows, and tinsel last December 26. They also keep all their Christmas shopping receipts in a separate place, like a little green and red folder, and they know at all times where that folder is located. If they have real Christmas trees, they remember to water them every day and they take them out of the house before all the needles fall off and embed themselves in the carpet. These people's tree ornaments match each other. The

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