Writing Under Stress by Jana Richards

March has been a stressful month. My husband had surgery on February 28 and after a few days in the hospital, came home to recover. He’s doing really well, but it’s not been easy. He needs help with some things and it requires patience and humour from both of us.  In the midst of my worry over my husband, Layla, one of the two soon-to-be-fourteen year-old cats we adopted last fall, got sick. She couldn’t stop throwing up and was off her feed. I took her to the veterinarian, and when I got back, her sister Leelou hissed at her like she’d never met her before. Leelou has an absolute hatred for vets and vet clinics; did Layla suddenly smell like the clinic? I have no idea, but it meant that Leelou was hiding in the basement and Layla was hiding upstairs and refusing to go the litterbox in the basement. Good grief. The last thing I needed. Even something that should have been a celebration stressed me out. Because of Covid, my daughter’s 2020 university graduation ceremony was cancelled. O

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