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Tuesday, October 16

Shameless Self-Promotion

I should have something absolutely brilliant to say about writing today, but my mind and heart are overflowing with excitement over the imminent release of my first novel with Tule Publishing, so you're getting a full-on commercial instead. Here's all the scoop on A Small Town Christmas, the first book in the Four Irish Brothers Winery series. The book releases on October 29 and is available for pre-order right now, so if you love a fun holiday romance, scoot on over and click!
Winemaker and single father Conor Flaherty is determined to make this Christmas holiday special for his daughter even though his family’s winery, Four Irish Brothers, is facing some challenges.

High-octane Chicago attorney Samantha Hayes is looking forward to some delicious food, fine wine, small town charm, and a break from her hectic big city life when she agrees to do a favor for her boss and help his younger brother with a lawsuit that’s been slapped on his family’s historic winery in River’s Edge. She’s not expecting that her sexy new client will have a smile that will melt her heart and remind her that there’s more to life than work.

Sam falls hard for Conor, his daughter and the small, friendly town, but can she trust her instincts and risk her heart? Sam hasn’t seen a lot of happy-ever-afters in her life, but Conor and the magic of Christmas make her want to believe.
 A Small Town Christmas
She was clearly struggling with the idea of their meeting turning into brunch, but when he set the food on the table, she reached for the cheese, turning it over in her hands. “Is that Port Salut?” Her fingers were long, her wrists delicate, and her nails neatly manicured with a hint of pale polish. “I love this cheese and it’s hard to find.”He grinned. I knew it! She would be eating with him and that brought a moment of surprising delight. She was a foodie. Conor had been one, too, before Emmy’s death had left him bereft and unable to enjoy the taste of anything, even the delicious turkey dinner Aidan and Sean had collaborated on for Thanksgiving. Bren had brought his favorite half-moon cookies from Baltimore, but Conor had barely tasted one. He wished the box was here instead of back at the house. His stomach was growling as he watched Sam unwrap the cheese, noticing again her short, perfect nails.
He hated long, brightly painted fingernails, although red toenails were one of his turn-ons. Emmy always had plain fingers and hot crimson toes—one of the sexy quirks he’d fallen in love with back when they’d started dating in junior high school. Pedicures had always been what she called her “Zen time,” and when she’d become too ill to leave the house, Conor had massaged her feet with lotion each night to help her relax.
He shook his head to clear it and stopped short of speculating whether Sam’s toes matched her conservative manicure, instead wondering again if Sean had sent her down to River’s Edge for more than legal advice. He could’ve sent anyone from his firm, but it would be just like him to toss a pebble into the deep water of Conor’s sorrow by sending someone like Sam Hayes.

Saturday, October 13

2018 Spooktacular Giveaway and October Book Fair!

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Wednesday, October 10

Sprucing Things up at the Ole Word Wranglers Corral by @JanaRichards_

© Can Stock Photo / Feverpitched
You’ve probably noticed the new look of our blog the last couple of weeks. Isn’t it beautiful? Our techo-genius Kristina Knight is responsible for keeping us looking our best and we are very grateful. Especially me, since I have neither a tech-savvy or artistic bone in my body. Thanks for keeping us in shape, Kristi!

But that’s not all the changes we have in store. If you’ve been with us a while, you probably remember when we blogged six times a week. Actually, it wasn’t very long ago. Until January 2018, that’s what we did. I’m not going to lie. It was hard to come up with interesting posts every week, and so it wasn’t surprising that all six of us got a tad burned out. And with all of us working on our own writing, it was difficult to find the time as well.

So, we came up with a new format; a once a week post. Every Wednesday we took turns telling readers, and each other, what we’ve been up to and what was on our minds. I have to admit I breathed a sigh of relief. I only had to blog once every six weeks! The pressure was off!


We missed connecting with readers and especially with each other the way we did when someone was on the blog nearly every day of the week. Though I’ve never met the other five Word Wranglers in person, they’ve become sisters-in-arms in this crazy game we call Writing and Publishing. And they’ve become friends, too. I loved hearing about their accomplishments and triumphs, and even their failures. What was even more special was learning about their families and their lives.

But how could we keep up with each other and provide readers with interesting posts without burning out once again?

We came up with a plan. Starting next week, we’ll be posting a blog on the new and improved Word Wranglers blog every Tuesday and Friday. Liz Flaherty will be kicking off the new format for us on Tuesday and we hope you’ll drop by to say hello and wish us well. I can hardly wait to catch up with my friends!

Monday, October 8

It's party time!!!, it's not my day...I'm just sneaking in here to remind you that 2018's Christmas Town stories are going to be out tomorrow! Come on over and join the Facebook hop for some giveaways and conversation...


If you'll go to Heartwarming Christmas Town's  home page, you'll find the following message. Or, I think--you can just go for here. We hope you visit us all!

*****#12DaysofHeartwarmingChristmas Hop Reporting Page*****
1 Carousel. 1 Wedding. 1 Christmas. 12 Happily Ever Afters!
The hopping starts NOW! Tomorrow, Christmas Town's 2018 stories are officially on sale, but we're getting the celebration started early with our 12-author hop!
This is where you come once you've visited ALL 12 authors' pages and entered to win the fabulous prizes they're offering. Reporting "done" in the comments enters you to win one of 12 $10 Amazon Gift Cards. Winners of the gift cards will be announced ONLY in our November issue of our newsletter.
Below you'll find links to each author's page, in case you get lost along the way. You can also find links on
You can start anywhere on the list...just make sure you make a full circle. 
Visit for links to all of this year's books and their buy links! Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and get a #Free copy of the prequel novella, A CHRISTMAS CAROUSEL PROPOSAL.

Wednesday, October 3

Werewolves and Vampires and Hairstylists... Oh, My!

by Ava Cuvay

Today is a "Two-fer" New Release Announcement: Not-your-average werewolves and vampires… Just in time for Halloween!

The first New Release is by my writer pal Melanie Jayne (writing as M. Jayne).  With “See Me,” she’s stepped away from Mature Contemporary to finally realize a paranormal werewolf story that had been bubbling in her brain for several years. The result is hot and fierce! Trust me, these aren’t your Grandma’s werewolves! They’re more alpha, more ruthless, and more swoon-worthy than any you’ve read before, with enough vulnerability to keep you rooting for their Happily Ever After (well, at least Happily for Now, since they’re immortal and “ever” is a bit much to ask where human/werewolf relationships are concerned ;-)


Throughout history, The Lady, Goddess of the Lycan world, has gifted werewolf packs with humans who carry her mark. Theodora Morrissey’s plans to return to college for her graduate degree are ended when she is awakened by an otherworldly voice on a rarely used airstrip in Nebraska. Injured and disoriented, she has no idea the discoloration on her back has marked her as a Seer, and that she is now a possession—and the prisoner—of the Novus Pack of Lycans.  

To the Novus pack, the word of their leader, their Laird, is the law. With compelling gray eyes and long dark hair, Raider Black rules his pack with intelligence and ruthlessness. To cement the security of his pack, Black has committed to mate another Packleader's daughter. But he’s finding it impossible to fight his attraction to the pack’s alluring new Seer, claiming her as his own.

Sweet, fearless, and unintentionally funny, Theo upends Black’s world and pushes the boundaries of his rules. How far is Raider willing to go, and what will he sacrifice, to save both his pack and the human Seer who’s found a way not only into his bed, but his heart?


Next release is my own! Finally, after all this time blogging about it numerous times, I am thrilled to announce that “Blood King: Revamping the Monarchy” is published!  Forget everything you thought you knew about vampires and sink your teeth into this steamy story filled with thrills, chills, and a healthy swallow of sass!

Dracula was an upstart nobody from an alien race of bloodsuckers… Kaz just met the planet’s King.

Kazandra Lyon’s failed life sucks. But her vacation to a popular destination-planet sucks on a whole new level when she’s abducted and whisked off to a dark castle mired in twilight. She struggles against the attacks of a bloodthirsty monster and her growing attraction to the sexy and mysterious vampire king. Amidst murdered palace staff, political power struggles, and the king’s blood-searing seduction, has Kaz bitten off too much? Will she return to the unhappy safety of her failed life or stick her neck out and embrace a future with the lusty king who thirsts for her?

Away from his homeworld for far too long, King Rune Lahdunae’s political influence has weakened and his vision for his people is now a relic from a bygone era. He struggles to regain his royal standing as monarch, resurrect his race’s proud heritage, and keep his randy fangs off his beautiful guest. Yet Kazandra’s spirit and humor arouses a hunger in him more primal than the need for her life-giving blood. Can he entice her to remain as his honored guest… and possibly his wife? And can he thwart the relentless killer who is drinking his people dry before Kazandra becomes the next victim?


Thursday, September 27

The Sagging Swamp

 by Margie Senechal

You're getting a rare treat today, the Thursday blog.

I was supposed to blog yesterday. I knew all last week that it was coming up. I was reminded on Sunday by Kristi that it was coming up. I remembered Monday and Tuesday. And then, I forgot on Wednesday until late afternoon when I was baking chocolate chip cookies (because I saw The Clock in the Wall on Tuesday and was compelled to bake).

So, here we go.

I want to talk muddy middles and no, we're not talking my waistline or lack thereof--that's what I have doctors for.

through. I think different writers go through it differently, some even seem to steamroll through it. Lucky ducks!In writing, there's a phenomenon called the muddy or saggy middle that a lot of writers go

For me, it's the point where the high-speed freeway of writing becomes a p(l)ot-hole filled dirt road that I'm traversing on a rickety bike.I used to believe I didn't fall victim to the muddy middle, but a recent tour of my desk-top revealed otherwise. I have a slew of WIP's that have stalled between 10-22K--usually about a third of the way into the manuscript.I started to analyze why this happens and came up with a few things that go on in my head about then.--Enter the doubting dust bunnies in my head. I start to wonder if the project is worth pursuing. Is anyone except me going to want to read this? --I change my mind about a major character's plotline and decide I can't go on without going back and making the changes. Then I think, "Is it really worth it?"--A new sparkly object appears with promises of easy writing and less struggles. "Look at me, look at me. I'll be good. Oh, so good..."--I decide that it's time to tinker in the far-too long neglected yard, house, garage...In the two projects I've committed to this year. I have found myself struggling against that muddy middle monster and the doubting dust-bunnies.I am on my 9th rewrite of Bix. Nine! That's insane. Especially considering that each rewrite has been a significant over-haul. This one more so than the others as this one started on page one and only the names have remained the same. Bix is more edgy, bitter, and sarcastic and the story is more about finding his place in his family and community.Then there's Suitcases. I love Ana, Danny, and their journey. But, sometimes I wonder if anyone else will-except the people (Lily-Chris) who have read it and demanded that I finish it. Yeah, I think this is the one that the doubting dust-bunnies have had the most fun messing with my head on.So, in closing, does anyone have any suggestions on how to bat these evil guys down? How to persevere through it all? Tips taken and appreciated.Have a great weekend!