Friday, June 12

The Terror of a Request!

I got a request for a full in the mail yesterday.
A real, live editor wants to see the entire manuscript!! An old manuscript, one that several CPs have really disliked, but I like a lot.
Why can't I breathe? I feel like I could vomit. I'm shaking.
Well, yeah. Of course!!!
But my symptoms are more along the lines of terror...
Fear of another rejection. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of failure.
It's agonizing. Thrilling, but sooooo scary.
Can anyone relate to this, or am I ready for a padded room? LOL!


  1. Go with your heart. If you believe in the ms, stick with it. And remember, you got a request for a full!!!

    Try to keep it in perspective: What is the worst that can happen if the editor says no after all this? Everyone fears rejection, but rejections don't make YOU a failure.

    Now think of the best that could happen. Focus on that, take a deep breath and go for it!

    I'd say your feelings are dead normal. Pulling for you!

  2. Thanks!
    It means a lot that someone believes, and doesn't think I'm a nut!

  3. Yeah!!!!!!
    I"m so excited for you too, D'Ann! I think it's natural to feel a bit queasy inside and giddy as well. Don't be afraid. The worst that can happen is a rejection. And we all know that's part of the process.
    If you still have the same crit partners who didn't like your ms, please don't submit to them. Go with your gut feelings, put the final trimmings on and send it out.
    Good luck! We'll be waiting nervously with you.

  4. Thanks, Tereasa!
    No, those CPs have gone by the wayside. Like I said, I have great CPs now!

  5. D'Ann,
    Awesome news! I'm with anonymous, focus on what can go right. Go with the positive! A real, live editor wants to read your book. The entire book. That alone is a victory. You rock, Girl!

  6. D'Ann -

    I'm so proud of you - keep the faith. You've made it through a lot of challenges so you absolutely have what it takes to be published.

    You have so many people in your corner - including me!

  7. Getting a request is always exciting. And I agree, a little scary. My fear is that they'll expect 2,4,6 books a year out me. I'd freak. But, that's unrealistic for a beginner. Just stay positive no matter what happens. I've read your writing's D'Ann, so I know you are good. The most useful piece of advice I've ever read is: Don't get discouraged over not being published, you just haven't met the right publisher yet.

  8. No way, Crazy Lady, I'm the only one headed for a padded room. You're so on the right track with this MS and I'm sooo proud of you for sticking to your guns! :) Just remember to breathe and you'll be fine!

  9. Honey, I have so much faith in you, no matter what happens-this in itself is a BIG DEAL!!!! and takes you one step closer to your goal! so no matter what happens-and im sure all will be good things- be proud of yourself for getting this far! well done and keep up the good work!

  10. Hiya, D'Ann!

    Just remember you only need ONE editor to like your work!

    You've got a great voice, and I have no worries that you will soon get your break!


  11. Woo! Well done D'Ann, can't believe you haven't said. Which ms is it? Where is it heading to and what sort of ms is it? Huge congrats -- best of luck with it.

  12. Thanks, Jo!
    You saw the ms, it's Wild Horses, and it's headed to SIL RS.