Wednesday, June 10

Weddings - beginning or an ending?

We here are all in the business of romance and happily ever after. My favorite way to end a book is with everything tied up in a big, fluffy satin bow. What epitomizes that more than a wedding? Everyone is happy, dressed beautifully, eating delicious food and drinking champagne; my idea of a perfect day. Well, anything involving champagne makes my smile a bit brighter.

And yet weddings most often symbolize beginnings - the promise of a bright future as two people begin a new life, joined together. I recently attended the wedding of a dear friend, and in the midst of the revelry was struck by the end to a cycle in my life. This was my last wedding. Oh, probably not forever, but of all the people I know, everyone is now officially hitched! Paired up (albeit most for the second time around). Does this mean I'm old...or at least officially headed for middle age? The thought filled me with panic. Why should their romantic beginning signal my official decline towards bifocals and wrinkles? Not fair. Not fair at all.

Which is it for you? A reminder that youth is slipping away faster than you can run out to buy something to cover up the encroaching gray hairs? Or is it a dewy fresh start, rejuvenating you and reminding you of all the possibilities that still lie ahead? Personally, I'm going to borrow a page from my husband and firmly straddle the fence, one foot on each side and trying to squeeze the best out of it. On the one hand, I did allude to my upcoming 39th birthday in the wedding toast. Might as well face it head on. On the other hand, we outdanced entire tables of people younger than us. After all, it was a great party... and the champagne was lovely!

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