Saturday, July 4

Freedom in our writing

First of all, happy Independence Day! So, after returning home from yet another wedding, I'm debating on which of the next TBR novel I'm in the mood for. It hit me how significant this simple act really is. I can select the story or author of my choice. I'm allowed to write or read anything my heart desires. Wha-hooo! Such power! And privilege. I plan to excerise my rights by flaunting the romance cover as I sit reading in the doctor's office. Nor am I embarrassed to check out the lastest vampire book from the public library. I firmly believe, 'It's your thing, do what you wanta do!' We've earned it.

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  1. Great way to look at things. I have many novels completed and looking for a publisher. I think you liked the one I wrote Boy Toy. more detail is here

    Johnny Ray