Saturday, August 15

I think being a writer seeking publication must be sort of like being bi-polar. Up, down, up, down. One day you recieve a request, the next a rejection. I honestly feel like I'm on a roller coaster some days.
Recently, I got a rejection on a full. It's crushing disapointment. All hopes that this was "the one" the book that would finally propell me into published status, gone. No tears and lying in a fetal position any more, but a good long think about this as a career. A lot of "keep at it" from the CPs picks me up, and I'm ready to try again.
Then, the very next day, a request for a different full. The high is amazing. An editor wants to read something I wrote. Here I go again, hoping this is the manuscript that will break in. I barely had time to process the fact that the ms I so hoped would sell was back in my hands with a big NO stamped on it, than I had another chance in my lap.
I'm leveled out again, back to working on another ms, trying not to even think of the full sitting on an editor's desk. But it's hard not to think about it.
I continue to write another and another with the hope that I will eventually break in where I've wanted to be for so long.
And the cycle continues...

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  1. Well said! I absolutely hear you on the bipolar aspects...and the beauty of having CPs who'll pick you up and keep you going.

    There's no fast path, and the only way to reach the goal is to keep running.

    Good luck to you!