Tuesday, September 29

I went to a funeral today.
I go to a lot of funerals. Probably because I live in a small town and I've known most of the same people all my life. Or maybe it's because I'm getting to the age that my parents are now seniors, and many of my friends' parents are passing. Which was the case today. I didn't know the lady who passed; she was one of my former CPs' mother.
But, even though I didn't know this lady, she inspired me. Her husband died when she was very young and left her with five children to raise on her own. In a time when it wasn't common, she went to CSU and got her Bachelor's, then went back for a Master's. I'm impressed.
If that weren't enough, she joined the Peace Corp at 58, yeah, you read that right! And she traveled to Sierra Leone. When she returned the US, she started an abused woman's shelter in my town.
What does this have to do with me?
Just that I sometimes wonder why I keep chasing this dream, when it doesn't seem to want to be caught by me.
Because I don't want to die and have it written on my headstone that I didn't give it all I had. I think about giving up from time to time. Often after yet another Rejection, but I always think if I did, this would be the time The Call came in.
So, even though I left Mrs. Thornburg's funeral sad, I also left it feeling optimistic and upbeat.
Then I got home to a Rejection waiting in my Inbox.
So, quit?
Or pick myself up, dust off and go for round #? Oh, hell, who knows?
Guess I'll get up again...


  1. Arrgh what a sucky day for you D'Ann. Though fantastic to be able to celebrate such a wonderful woman's life, her passing must have been desperately sad for all those who knew her. It sounds as though she touched the lives of many people.

    Don't let the nasty R get you down--you are out there living your dream by writing and submitting.

  2. Take the inspiration and file the rejection under one more step towards that future.

    I used to sing funerals for people, and invariably, I took away something I could treasure. What a wonderful inspiration to all of us. Thanks for sharing.

  3. D'Ann! What a sad day. Keep your chin up because you are following your dream too! Sometimes it just a little bumpy. Dust yourself off and keep on girl!!

    billi jean

  4. i know...I do know what you are saying. I don't want to sound like too much of a curmudgeon, but the rejection is really an affirmation of your present state. You are a writer and writer's get rejected...especially in this economy. You girl, are an excellent writer. You could no more quit than I could make Louisiana summers cooler! It's in your blood, girl. And you will publish...I know it. I have been in this arena a looong time and know a good write when I read it. So, cry and be sad for a time, but...then go enjoy a ride on your horse and get back to work. It will be worth it...I promise! In reflection of the funeral you attended, and in her line of work, she probably shed many tears also. Good people do.

  5. D'Ann -

    Honestly, I think it was a sign. If you can handle a funeral and an R in one day, then you can handle anything.

    Keep going!

  6. I agree with Kelsey. You continue to write in the face of obstacles that would force a lesser person to quit. You're getting stronger and better every day, with each word you write, and with every barrier you jump over.

  7. Thanks for the nice comments, girls.

  8. Sorry about the 'R' D'Ann, especially on what sounds like a very sad day for you to begin with. I agree though, you gotta keep sending out those manuscripts. And keep the faith. You write because you love it, the rest will follow naturally.
    Best wishes,

  9. Thanks, Tereasa.
    Good to see you!