Friday, October 9


I wanted to touch on achievement tonight and what exactly gives one that sense of having accomplished something, whether in their personal or professional life. I love my day job, it gives me an incredible sense of fullfillment. I am a caseworker who works with clients who are trying to become self sufficient. This was brought to mind because yesterday I had a meeting with a professional client who our company has been trying to set up a vendor payment with for years. (We offer supporitive services to our clients to help purchase needed items such as work clothes and other things that are needed) So far they have said no at every request. I had a very productive meeting with the manager and spoke with him regarding this again as well as some other things, and he was all for it and committed to trying to push it through the state. I was so excited I was flying high all afternoon and bragging to my husband and teenage daughter that I had received such a great reception. My daughter wanted to know what would happen if they said yes, if our company FINALLY was able to convince this other company to accept vendor payments. Would I get a bonus?? A promotion?? A raise??

NO!! What is wrong with just having a sense of accomplishment?? Of being satisfied with a job well done? You dont always have to recieve a monetary acknowledgement to feel satisfied. It got me to thinking. So many people want to know what they are going to get out of something, what we are getting out of doing something. What are we getting out of our writing? Are we getting big contracts, our names on the best sellers list?? Often the answer is NO. But what we DO GET it an incredible sense of accomplishment when we finally finish that page, that chapter, THAT BOOK. It is an amazing feeling to be able to look back and say "yes, I did that, I have written a book." Even if it is never published, it is still something that no one can ever take away. So yes, we may never see that big payoff from our writing but that accomplishment will always be there.

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