Sunday, October 4

Finding the forest through the trees

I took this picture laying on my back, enjoying the way the leaves filtered the sunlight. It was a beautiful day on the lake. I wanted some sun, but not too much, since I burn in the blink of an eye. The lush leaves were the perfect solution.

Except....I couldn't see the lake. I couldn't watch the clouds drift by. My entire view was restricted to those darn leaves.

That's kind of how I feel about the book (books?) I'm working on right now. I'm at the beginning, but I've been so focused on getting the first chapter right (after all, what agent's going to read past a ho hum opening chapter?) that my view of the overall book is obscured. To the point where I'm considering abandoning it - for now, at least - and starting something else. The question being; am I restricting myself unnecessarily? Do I need to part those idea branches and open up to the full scope and potential of this yet to be written bestseller? Or is my brain doing me a service, shading me from progress for a reason?


  1. I know how you feel, Christi! I've been there many times - in fact I'm there now with a WIP that's been in my head and refusing to go right on paper. My suggestion - put the first chapter away and push on toward chapter 3 or 4 ... and then re-evaluate. If it's still giving you fits, I'd say your brain is trying to tell you something. Maybe there is a simple solution that you just need a little space to see?

  2. I agree. Keep pushing forward because you can always go back. I changed my first chapter at least ten times during the course of seven re-writes.

  3. I think you're getting too many crits that are making you doubt yourself. I think you need to move on, see where the story evolves, and then go back and see if chap 1 needs changing.
    Just my oh so humble opinion!