Wednesday, October 7

Is It A Hobby? Or Something More?

So I got some good, possibly really good news this week: an editor with Mills&Boon has requested to see the full manuscript...sent in the partial just a few weeks ago. She said my writing 'showed promise' and that just about made me melt into a puddle right there in the middle of the office.

And then more goods news: our adoption took a very big step forward...and we're closing in on the final days before bebe is officially ours.

I love it when good news comes in bunches, but there are always the wet blankets (and, yes, I'll get around to why my long-winded-ness is writing related in a bit). The people who, trying to save me heartache in the end, try to keep my feet on the ground when, darn it, I don't want my feet on the ground. Do you know those people? I hate that!

Anyway, as I was talking to a friend about the editor request she said, "Oh, you might be able to validate your hobby now."

Insert eye rolling, steam-weilding, very mad bull here.

Yeah. I know a full-request doesn't mean publication. I know this. But it does mean someone liked what they saw enough to ask for more. That is a very big deal. And, I don't need validation for my 'hobby'. Whether this manuscript is published or another or none at all, I am a writer. I write every single day. Some days it is all nonfiction - a paying 'hobby' I suppose she would say - and some days both and some days fiction only. I am a writer. And why do I still feel the need to defend myself? URGH!!!


  1. First of all, you should be flying, girl, flying.
    The adoption is HUGE!
    And the Request is HUGE!
    Is this person a friend? A friend is happy for you when things go good, not looking for the sour inside the lemonaide. You deserve so much happiness, so know your true friends are just thrilled for you, and know you are no "hobby writer", whatever the hell that is.

  2. I totally agree with D'Ann! Cut this Negative Nelly out of your life - you don't need her or "it" - the "it" being the so-called relationship. The adoption is...well, I told you I'm an adoptive mom too, and words still fail me when I look at my fabulous kids. And the Request is something only *real* writers can understand...Negative Nelly just wants to cut you down to make herself feel better. Next time, ask her what her hobby is!

  3. Thanks, you guys, I needed to hear this today. Yes, still flying high and working madly to make sure there are no typos and that the conflicts are clear and that there is no silly dialogue for now reason!

    I'm going to back away from this friendship for a bit...and that's very hard for me. But I think I need to, for my own sanity.

  4. Spread those wings and fly darling you have every right to have your heads in the clouds and I agree with the other girls, your TRUE friends give your flying high bubble a little extra air, they dont attack you with a needle in a clenched fist. Many people who don't write have NO understanding of the commitment or fullfillment that it takes and it offers. There are alot of people out there who say they like to write or they want to write a book, but alot NEVER finish one story let alone an entire manuscript. No matter what happens with your MS, you are always going to have that accomplishment, you will ALWAYS be able to be proud that you did that, no one can take that away from you.
    And the adoption is wonderful, I am adopted by my grandmother and I thank god that she raised me and has been the wonderful mother that she is. Being a parent takes so much me than an egg and a sperm, your parents are the ones who raise you and love you. One of my favorite sayings for adoptive parents is that their children may not have grown in their womb or their body but they grew in their heart.

  5. Kristi -

    Some people just won't believe what you do is work unless you get up and go to an office (outside your house) every damn day. I believe that's because THEY are trapped in that type of life and just can't see that others live another way.

    Also - I think they don't believe it can be "work" if you love what you do. Sad, yet true.

    You are a great writer and a great mom!

  6. Aw, Kelsi and Karan, you're getting me all weepy again! :) Seriously, thanks.. I needed that... and Karan - I love that adoption saying. Perfect!!