Sunday, November 8

And they lived happily every after...

I'll take a stab at a big generalization, and say most little girls are raised on fairy tales. Evil queen, fire breathing dragon etc...cut to the handsome prince and the magical phrase - and they lived happily ever after. Those words conjure visions of cartoon hearts exploding overhead. And I am a sucker for it.

Life doesn't always work that way, though. Couples all around me are splitting up or having difficulties. A friend going through a divorce recently said to me "I just want to be happy - is that so much to ask?" Well, let me be the first to say it is achievable, and don't settle for anything less! My immediate response was to tell her all I want is for everyone to be happy. Is it because I write romances, or do I write romances because I believe a key to happiness truly is sharing your life with another person? Kind of a chicken and the egg question. I've been told I see love through rose colored glasses - well, practically fuschia. Where's the down side? What's wrong with wanting everyone to be happy and in love? I, for one, plan to continue to champion the quest for happily ever after for all of my friends - and hope my books will inspire others to do the same.

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