Wednesday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I'm a holiday girl. For the few days I've been decorating the house, planning the Thanksgiving menu, figuring out what plates/glasses/silverware I want to use. Planning the centerpiece. Yeah, I'm a bit of a Thanksgiving dork. And a Christmas dork. Really, just a holiday dork. I've been listening to Christmas music (off and on, not all the time!) since about July.

I like that people seem to slow down and really notice their surroundings - their families, their friends, even their work. I like that we're nicer to one another, even the strangers. I like our tradition of decorating and drinking cider.

But I just realized I've never, ever written a holiday themed story. Not one. Is that strange?

And I love a new tradition we started about four years ago: At Thanksgiving dinner, we tell one another why we're thankful to have that person in our lives. Here's how the tradition works at our house: We start with my FIL, who picks one of us and says why he's thankful to have that person around. That person chooses someone else and says why he's thankful...and so on around the table until everyone has said why they are thankful. Everyone has to be chosen and why we're thankful can't be 'because you cook good' or 'because you're housebroken'. The thanks have to be some kind of real happening/event - because you made them laugh at X problem, for example.

Do you have holiday traditions? How do you celebrate?


  1. Kristi -

    When I was a kid, our tradition was to cook enchiladas for Thanksgiving because my dad hated turkey. I don't think I even tasted turkey until I was a teenager!


  2. I love the idea of everyone at the table expressing their thanks for another person and why. Great idea!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Kelsey, no turkey 'til your teen years? That's wild!! Although from time to time I've wanted to cook the anti-Thanksgiving - like making Mediterranian/Asian/whatever type food - I don't think I could ever actually do that!

  4. Cher, the first year we did it, it felt odd...I think we were all a little nervous. Plus, we're all practical jokers...some moreso than others. But now that we've done it for a few years it feels natural.

  5. Nice tradition, Kristi! Can I be part of your family? We don't have much of a tradition--go to Mom's, I cook, we eat.
    But I have written Cat's Baby starting with Halloween, concluding (hopefully) around Christmas. I'm really enjoying it, and I love the holiday anthologies that come out.

  6. Me, too, D'Ann ... a nice holiday anthology always get me! You can be part of my fam any ol' time ... just come on out East!! :)

  7. I love your tradition, Kristi! How wonderful to not only get to spend the holiday with family, but to hear such great things being said about one another.
    I love holidays and all the trimmings, traditions and fuss that goes into one.
    Have a great, warm holiday!

  8. Thanks, Tereasa, and a great holiday to you and yours, too!

  9. Ah, Kristi.
    I love you like a sister.
    YOu're the bestest ever.