Wednesday, November 25

My Addiction

My husband would say pens. I probably have more pens than money in my purse at any given time. And I do love a new pen, especially in pink or purple and with a nice glide.

But I think my true addiction is to words. I love words. Whether I wrote them or someone else. I love the power of words, the romance of them, and the sheer honesty of them. I love that one word can express so much and in another instance, so little. I love the poetry, the lyric of rhyme, and the flowering imagery we can create with a little twist of common words. When I create a sentence that I'm particularly proud of, I love when another writer comments how much they liked my turn of phrase. That validation is so good for this writer's soul.

I was in Barnes and Noble the other day and picked up a couple of books to browse through. Even though I have a stack of to-be-reads at home, I almost bought another one. I had to stop myself. It's Christmas season after all and I have to watch my pennies. Although, yesterday I received Pirate Latitudes, Michael Crichton's last book, from Amazon (it was only $9, you can't pass that up!) and perched it atop my mountain of books. And Christi has her book coming out in a week or so, gonna have to snatch that one up. When will this addiction end? And do I want it to?

No. Never. I can't imagine what non-writer's think about when they're driving. I'm either plotting the next chapter or finishing up the present chapter. Characters are dialoguing and I'm making notes at stop lights. I can't imagine not falling asleep without the words of my current character whispering in my ear.

So, now I'm off to Bixby's world to write my words. But as we part, I'd like to recommend a couple of good reads...Whistlin Dixie in a Nor'easter by Lisa Patton and When Autumn Leaves by Amy S. Foster... two new writers worth checking out. I'm currently reading Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane because one of my employees loaned it to me. I have Pirate Latitudes and the new Stephanie Plum, fifteen something or other, waiting in the wings. I'm sure by the time I get done with Shutter Island, the to-be-read mountain will be even higher.

Happy Thanksgiving and as Christmas nears, remember, a good pen is a good gift :)


  1. Nothing better than a good pen, and then you need the right kind of paper to use it on; I have enough sticky notes to last forever just because they're so cool.

    Good reading!

  2. I am a pen addict too. I asked for one at my doctor's office the other day just because for some reason I like pen's with advertising. Oh well, it's an innocent habit as addictions go.

  3. I don't like pens so much, but what I do like is a new ream of paper. The slick feel, the just feels good.
    And, books, if I only had the room. In my TBR pile there are probably at least 50, and that's just the newer ones.
    Dying to have Christi's book, too!

  4. Pens, pencils...I love the smell from a freshly sharpened pencil. Paper, too, and post-its...the list goes on. Wonder if I'll get any Staples gift cards this Christmas?......

  5. Before learning there were such things as romance writers groups, I wrote a fan letter to Susan Wiggs. She actually wrote me back, with elegant handwriting, the entire letter in purple ink! She claims she does her first draft with pen and paper. There's just something magicial about holding just the right tool in your hand to stimulate the muse.