Thursday, November 5

Tech Falls...

It's been a week around here. Both of my computers are kaput. Totally buggered out. I have to check my email through my phone and really it's not worth trying to reply even with the miniscule keyboard. I'm at my mom's posting my blog today and catching up on loop emails.

But as frustrating as this has been, my writing has been very productive this week. I've made strides in my current WIP, rewritten and expanded chapter four, and began chapter five, and figured out some key moments to come. More than I've accomplished over the past month or so.
For some reason, not commiting the words to screen has been very theraputic for my writing. Odd, but refreshing.

And since Bixby's been shut down on his internet connection, I guess I'm getting a taste of what I'm subjecting him to. What's good for the character is good for the author.

Don't get me wrong, I am working on getting at least my laptop up and going. And I'm really interested in the new Netbooks. Have you seen those? I discovered them at Best Buy, although I have it on good authority that Costco is the place to get them. And really, a netbook is all I need, writing capabilities along with internet, for less than $400. Definitely on my Christmas wish list.

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  1. Netbooks are great, especially if you just need a writing program and Internet. My husband has one for those reasons. Great for travel, too. The only problem is the harddrive space is really limited, so you can't 'add' a lot of different programs to it, even if you like those programs better than the ones that come with it.