Sunday, December 6

Release Day!!!!!

Well, it is finally here. The day I've dreamed about literally for years. My book is being published. Today!!!!! There's a healthy dollop of surreal disbelief topping my excitement. Not to mention frustration at not being able to track each sale literally moment by moment. Because as big a deal as it is the book is for sale, I need to know people will read it. Will choose to read it. Will choose to spend their hard earned money to read what I wrote.
Is it pride, or massive insecurity? I'm pretty sure it is equal parts both of them. Yes, I write for me, because I enjoy it. Because I truly feel I have stories worth telling. But as of today, there is a piece of me that will endure for decades, maybe even centuries after I'm gone. It is my way of making my mark on the world. And you can't make a mark unless somebody else notices it! So I shamelessly beg you to go to and pick up an e-copy (or you can wait 2 weeks and get it in print from Amazon). I can promise you a mystery, a romance, and hopefully a story that transports you from your life to the steamy, sexy city of Charleston. Oh, and don't hesitate to spread the word to your friends, family, stylists, or even the checker at your grocery store.


  1. Congratulations Christi!!! Very excited for ya!!

  2. Congratulations, Christi. It is so exciting, isn't it?

  3. Christi,
    So thrilled for you! Can't wait to read it!