Thursday, January 14

The Write Signs

Weird coincidences or signs I should change what I'm writing?

Soon after the movie 2012 opened I was cashiering up front at work and a customer came in for cigarettes. He asked me if I knew what will be a valuable commodity if we suffer a global catastrophe or apocalypse. "Gold?" I venture, even though I should know this. After all I've been working on a YA dystopian novel on and off for over a year.

"No," He replied. "22 caliber ammunition. Most common bullets for guns. You don't want to be a pacifist if you survive." He went on to tell me that he has a few survivalist friends who told him that. So, my question. Why did he feel the need to tell me? Seriously, I don't look like someone who would needing this information. I don't wear signs advertising my interest in world-ending calamities. But, I tuck that golden nugget of info away to be used at a later date.

Skip ahead a few weeks and my friend calls out of the blue to tell me that she's figured out why the government in 2325 is sponsoring archeological digs in the previously frozen tundra. One of the sticking points of my novel. One of the things that had even me the author wondering and her solution was so simple, yet so correct, and removed a major mental stumbling block.

Fast forward another week to this past Sunday when a customer asks me about the flu shots we're offering in the store. This guy goes on to ask me if I know anything about the flu epidemic of 1918 and how the world came to a halt. He tells me how bodies were piled up and burned to stave off disease and how food was in great shortage because transportation was shut down. All things I've considered putting my book or at least into the history of my world-building.

But, again, why is this random stranger tell me this stuff? I did nothing to prompt the question of the flu epidemic of 1918, yet once he started telling me about it, I did ask more questions.

And finally, last night, I had a dream. A dream in which I survived a post-apocalyptic event. I don't know what it was, I just know that I found us shelter because I rock. I found us a freakin furniture store or something. We got to sleep in beds for the first time in weeks.

Okay, so are these just random coincidences or are they signs? Write signs? Signs that I should be focusing on my dystopian novel and not Bix. OR at the very least, sharing the spotlight a little? I don't know. But, I find it incredibly intriguing. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Wow! Those are some weird coincidences. My mom always says angels come into our path to show us direction...and I've always liked that thought.

    I regularly work on two wips at a time so (if you were me) I'd say work on both of 'em and see where it takes you.

  2. First of all, you're freaking me out with all this end of the world talk! Secondly, my vote is for you to continue with Bix. You've got a strong handle on that book, and should be able to cruise through to the finish. Get it done and get it published!

  3. Ok, deep breath.
    Apocolyptic stories always depress me. They make feel really creeped out and low for days afterward.
    Sorry, Margie!
    The two exceptions I can think of are the Will Smith movie where he has the German Shepherd and Red Dawn with Patrick Swayze. Course those are movies, not books, but I like both.
    Finish Bix!!! It's great! I love it!

  4. I'm going to play Devil's Advocate here. :) You have enough of Bix to query agents/editors. So, I'd do that right now. You're near the end, if it's requested you can finish. As for Apocalyptic stories, I read an article recently (an edition of Writers Digest, I think, but don't quote me) saying apocalyptic thrillers, literary, stories, etc. would be the next big thing. Think of "The Road", a recent movie starring Viggo Mortenson (sigh!) Cormac McCarthy scored on that one: hard-cover, paperback, and movie with big stars. Personally, I don't think much is coincidental, but that's my belief system. So, I'd go for it. Query Bix, and write like mad on these new ideas you've got. And thanks for an engaging post! :)

  5. I think sometimes coincidences are just that, put there to makes us look over our shoulders and mumble to ourselves.

    Good blog, though; made me think about things.

  6. interesting. maybe these are just little nuggets for you to file away in your brain, let them brew and simmer, so that when you're ready, you'll be able to write the story without stumbling blocks.
    but whichever story you write, it's gonna be great!